Too Hot to Handle - The RX 93.1 Anniversary Par-tay!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

For the longest time that I've been listening to RX 93.1 never have I've been to one of their parties. So when I heard that they will throw a party for their anniversary on August 29, I was soooo excited.

The party was held in White Ave., a brand new place (opened last July 2008) along the main strip of Tomas Morato. RX 93.1 were giving away free invites to the party for listeners who would like to come.

It was Tuesday evening. The rain was pouring so hard that night and there was nothing to do so I tuned in to RX. To my suprise the jocks were giving the cue for callers who would like to get free invites to the party. I was like, "Ok, let's give it a try". I even used my cellphone because that was the only phone closest to me at the moment. I was shocked when I heard the phone ringing. I was like "OMG, did I dial the right number?" I was even more shocked when DJ Rico answered the phone. At that time, I was shaking so hard. Really hard. It was my first time to call a radio station and I was pretty much expecting a busy tone rather than a ringing tone. Beats me but I'm actually talking to the jock!!! OMG!!! I just wanted to scream but I cant. Here's how the conversation goes as far as I can remember. If I was still sane at that time I would have probably record it. But duh Im not.

DJ RICO: Hello!
ME: Hello!
DJ RICO: Hi! What's your name?
ME: My name's Anna (with my famous accent)
DJ RICO and DJ FRAN: (echoing what I have said)My name is Anna!!!! (I thought it was funny)
DJ RICO: How old are you Anna?
ME: I'm (thinking long and hard, trying to decide whether to say 25 or 26, turning 26 actually)Twentyyyyyyyyyy five. (There I said 25)
DJ RICO: Where you from?
ME: I'm from Taguig
DJ RICO: So Anna, do you like DJ Macoy?
ME: Of course (As if! I dont even know him and havent heard him yet)
DJ RICO: Do you have any love messages to DJ Macoy?
ME: I'm sorry?
DJ RICO:(Repeating what he said)Do you have any love messages to DJ Macoy?
ME: Uhm. no...none... sorry
DJ RICO: Ok, just hold on there blah, blah, blah....

So I was on hold. I was worried then thinking about my load wont be enough to hold on. But after 5 mins of being on hold he got back to me and asked for my contact info. Here's the conversation off air.

ME: So. I won?
DJ RICO: yeah. I'll give you 2 invites. Make sure na pupunta ka ha.
ME: Yeah I will.
DJ RICO: Alright. See you at the party. Ingat.
ME: you too!

Sweet. Officially my very first RX Party and i was sooooo damn excited.

Josh, accompanied me to RX's office in Ortigas to get the invites. Grabe I was so happy to see the super cute DJ/VJ Igi G. When we saw him he was wearing this mailman bag and a huge box of crispy cream so I though he was a delivery guy. It was Josh who recognized him. We were so shy that we didnt even approached him and talk to him. Sa party na lang siguro.

August 29, 2008. Unforgettable night. Super fun and great party!!! Really nice ambiance and amazing DJ who has taste for great music. And not to forget the FOOD! Speaking of food we enjoyed their sisig so much. I was a bit hesitant on ordering sisig because I cant still get over this nasty sisig served in Magnet Cafe. It was sunog but when I tasted White Ave's sisig hay nakalimutan ko yung sunog na sisig.

I promised myself to attend RX party as much as I can especially if its going to be DJ Macoy who's in charge of the music. He's soooooooo awesome!!!!. He really kept us partying till the AM!!! I was hoping to see Igi G and of course my new idol Chico Garcia and talk about photography and his awesome blog but we were too lousy to roam around. Not that lousy but we enjoyed our place which was near the table of those hot guys with shutter shades. Over all the party was the bomb.


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