Surviving Sagada

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here I am in the office. Still sleepy after the 6-hour ride from Sagada to Baguio and another 8 hours from Baguio to Manila. When we arrived in Cubao, I headed straight to work for my 4am shift. Quite exhausting. Whew!

I SURVIVED SAGADA!!! Though I'm not really the adventurous type (but I'm a nature lover) so being able to survived in sagada is quite an achievement for me. Hindi ko aakalain na magagawa kong magtrek for 3 straight days with matching spelunking. As of the moment, all my body parts are aching. I feel like going to the spa after this (As if I still have the money hehehe!)

After our cave activity, I said to myself I should get those shirts with I SURVIVED SAGADA. I mean, I deserve it!

The 3-day/3-night trip wasn't enought to see all the wonders of Sagada. Perhaps that would be another reason for me to come back.


Sagada Escapade

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Guess what? I'm finally going to Sagada for the first time. YAY!!! I am so EXCITED!

My friends and I have been long planning to go there (I think way back after graduation) and now I'm making it a reality. When year 2008 started we already planned this for the holy week. However due to some unexpected circumstances, it's going to be just me and Vanjee and a new friend from the scuba diving class! I'll post some more when I get back to manila. chaO!


Open Water Dive

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Finally, I have something worth posting. hehehe! We just finished our open water dive in Anilao, Batangas and what can i say.... the experience was unforgettable!!! Sobra akong na-amaze! Cant imagine myself doing it but there I was swimming with different marine life underwater. Well, its time for me to get out of my comfort zone and do something that i've never done before. The experience was great but goodness gracious, pangmayaman talaga ang sports na toh! Naubos and pera ko. Hehehe!

This activity was somewhat unexpected. It started when i've read something from about Coron, Palawan. The place was magnificent and the pexer (Verbal Kint, i think that's his name) who made the review was very captivating. Words cant explain what i've felt when i read his post. Sabi ko sa sarili ko "Anna, kelangan mo na matuto lumangoy or else ndi mo ma-eenjoy ang palawan".

I sent my friends email about Coron and i didnt expect Ivy to reply saying that she will be taking scuba diving lesson. She and her officemates were also planning to visit palawan but they wanna learn how to dive first. I was surprise because Ivy dont know to swim. Sabi nya ndi daw kelangan marunong magswim para matutong magscuba diving. And i was torn between taking scuba diving or swimming lessons. It was so hard to decide. I've talked to my brother about it and he's discouraging me. He kept reminding me about movies with sharks etc etc until i made up my mind.

On February we started our scuba diving lessons. There was six of us. Ivy and 4 of her officemates (Marj, Joseph, Adrian and Rey) and me. Lecture was fun at first. Parang wow, eto na. Excited. Daming kelangan matutunang skills at parang ang dali-dali lang gawin while our instructor, Ron explained everything. Then there comes the disclaimer part. Biglang, oooooppsss!!! Wait a minute!! Ano ba tong pinasok ko? Gusto ko pang mabuhay! Marami pa akong pangarap sa buhay!! Waaaahhh!!!

Natapos ang lecture tuloy kami ng pool session. Mas matindi. Again sa simula excited dahil puro bago gamit and everything. Paglubog sa pool........"yikes ang lamig ng tubig!!!" I was shaking so hard so i have to get out of the water the soonest possible. Dunno why that happened so fast. Maybe because of the water or because i'm nervous or could be both. Whatever! That was our 1st pool session. I accomplished nothing. Hehe!

I was telling all these stories to my officemate Marlon and his reply to me was "Anna, pinasok mo yan kaya dapat kayanin mo" And he was right. Kailangan ng determination. We had 5 pool session and I had to take extra pool sessions because i'm a fast learner (wish ko lng!).
Akalain mo nakasama ako sa check out dive namin? Yes, I DID! Well, we stayed in Arthur's Place and it was great. Bermuda grass, buffet, quiet place, nice view, good place to unwind and of course for diving. Mabato yung beach kaya halos lahat ng resorts are for diving.

Our first and second dive was in Caban Island. The dive site wasnt that great because there were a lot of jellyfish and trash and visibility was not good too. I pricked my finger in one of the stones under water (not sure if its a stone or something else) and man it swelled for few minutes. Nagalit sakin yung instructor namin. Ang kulit ko kasi sabi "dont touch anything" nga daw eh. Wala pa naman akong gloves.

On our 3rd dive we entered the water through shore. There's current but the dive site was quite good compared to the previous sites. There's a lot of corals and fishes. Kainis nga lang kc kawawa yung mga corals. Parati namin naaapakan. We were doing some exercises then so its really hard to focus on not to step on the corals.

The plan dive for the 4th and 5th dive was in cathedral cave where we can feed the fishes but as the current was strong we have to change location. We went to kirby's rock and something else i dunno the be continued.....


My First Blog

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hi! Welcome to my first ever blog. It lacks images and style but whatever!!!!

There should be more here but I dont know what yet.... so watch out :--)


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