Stackers Burger Cafe

Friday, May 29, 2009

Before watching Terminator at Eastwood , we had dinner first at this newly opened burger house called Stackers.The place looks nice and casual but not your usual burger store. Service was fast. Our orders arrived in a flash.

...philly cheese steak sandwich

I think it's too small for its price. Nevertheless, Tapioca said it's good.

chicken fingers w/ fries...

Fries was good. The chicken however was super dry.


Lemonade somehow tasted like they're made from fresh lemons but the after taste tells me its just one of those powdered-mix drinks.

Lookey, lookey here...

...a very nice ketchup bottle

Not a very good first impression but what the hey, this is a burger cafe so we should at least try their burgers. This place certainly needs another try. I remember seeing that burger in a bowl and the mozarella sticks. Very interesting. They also serve coffee. Coffee and burger? What a combination. By the way, they're open 24/7.


Chicken Lollipop

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I gave it a try at home and was very satisfied with my family's reaction. They need not to tell me what they think of my cooking. By the way they fight over each pieces of the lollies, I knew it's a hit.

I fell in love with chicken lollipop from Red Ribbon not so long ago and was overjoyed to find a recipe from Connie of It's very easy to prepare except for the deep frying part. I hate hate hate doing that. Thank God my brother was around to do the annoying part :-P

They said it's easy to make the wing parts of chicken into a lollipop but why bother when you can get them done at supermarkets. I bought mine at SM Makati. A kilo is approximately 25-30 pieces.

First, I seasoned the lollies with some salt and pepper. Then marinated in milk for about an hour. The milk will make the chicken very tender when its cooked.

The recipe calls for cornmeal. Tried looking for that but not available at the mo. So the next best thing is corn flakes. Crushed it very finely, then mixed it with flour and some more salt and pepper... you will have the breading to dredge the lollies into then deep fry for few minutes. If you got the temperature right, these babies should be done in 3 minutes or less.

Ta dah!!!! Finished product. Super crispy on the outside yet still moist and soft on the inside. Yummy!!! Now, now, I want my lollies with some gravy but I don't know how to make that yet. Until I learn how to make gravy, let's make tiyaga muna with this instant gravy mix.


Happy Hanson Day!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

In Tulsa, Oklahoma, May 6, 1997 was declared "Hanson Day" by then-governor Frank Keating after the release of their album Middle of Nowhere. It was intended to be a one-time occasion but many Hanson fans including myself still recognize May 6 as Hanson Day every year.

Also on this day, I am celebrating my being a Hanson fan for 12 years. Can you believe that? Yeah, that long and still counting. Though I can say I'm no longer a freak just like those days (talaga lang, ha?). People who knew me knows how a freak I am when it comes to Hanson. Anyhoo, the groupie side of me has toned down completely (are you sure you know what you're talking about?) but that doesn't mean my love for them ever faded. They will always be a part of me and it will remain forever in my heart. (syet, ang drama!)

After 12 freakin' years, what happened to the Hanson brothers? Sad to say but I have no idea. Seriously, I'm no longer updated. But since this post is all about them, why don't we try to get some updates on the hottest brothers on the face of the planet (bawal kumontra!)

Here they are complete with pictures.

Yes, they're all married with kids.

It's crazy how time flies.

Why can't it be 1997 again?


He's 28 now and married to Nicole Dufresne. They met at one of the many Hanson concerts and the rest is history. They have 2 children namely Clarke Everett Hanson (April 3, 2007) and James Monroe Hanson (July 1, 2008).

...Nicole, Ike and Monroe

Ike with Everett...

...very cutesy photo of Monroe and Everett

The youngest of the three is now 23. Married to Kate Tucker, best friend of Natalie(Taylor's wifey). They have son a named John Ira Shepherd (May 27, 2008 ).

...Zac, Kate and Shepherd

Zac with baby Sheperd...

Is Zac's hand too big or its just baby Shepherd who's too small?

*Taylor* (my fave)
Turned 26 last March. After being married for 7 years with Natalie Anne Bryant, they have a total of 4 children now (Oh la la). Jordan Ezra (October 31, 2002), Penelope Anne (April 19, 2005), River Samuel (September 4, 2006), and Viggo Moriah (December 9, 2008). Do we expect more kids to come, Taylor?

...Isn't this picture toooooo cuteeeee?!?!?!?!

Nat and Tay with kids (L-R )Penny, Viggo, River and Ezra... what a beautiful family. I'm so happy for them. But it should be me!!!!!!!!!!

Quoting Perez Hilton: Taylor Hanson is a Babymaking Machine!!!!

The guy has good genes and some very potent sperm! Taylor Hanson and his wife, Natalie, have a total of four children."After two kids, you’re outnumbered,” says the former teen heartthrob. “So once you cross having three, having four is not such a big deal.”Unless you've hired a good nanny, that is!!!The couple have potential baby models Penelope Anne, 4, Viggo, 7 months, River Samuel, 2, and Jordan Ezra, 6!!!!We're tired just thinking about it!!!! "I never saw myself having this big family at a young age,” says the 26 year-old Taylor. “But I can’t imagine anything else now. It’s just the greatest.”Also, he gets to escape!!!!Taylor is going back on tour with his brothers in September to promote their new Hanson EP and upcoming album.Our thoughts go out to Natalie while home alone with four children!
Posted: July 17, 2009 at 5:15 pm

...another cute photo...
Tay with River holding drumsticks

So that's all folks. Hay! Sigh! Life, oh life, ohhhh life, ohhh life, doo doot doot dooo....

Peace, love, and a bullet-proof marshmallow to all the Hanson fans!!!!


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