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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I was reading Real Living magazine one afternoon and spotted this very posh, stylish and retro looking refrigerator from a home owner they featured. I was so impress I immediately google what it was. When I found out these were from an Italian household appliance, I doubted no more. Tapioca and I adore Italian brand kitchen appliances and this one is an addition to our list. Check out this Fab SMEG ref matching a mini cooper.

We are mini cooper fans and now SMEG Fab fans, too. So 1950's! I swear we are gonna buy these someday. Someday. (Gotta work our asses off!) We think the red 2-door Fab would look lovely on a black and white kitchen that we wanted when we get our own place. It would surely be the star of the kitchen.

. . . pretty in red

But first things first. We need a house.


And So We Thought . . .

. . . we finally found our home. Turns out East Residence Ortigas was not meant to be. The unit we so wanted to get was sold in minutes. On one of our house hunting trip, Tapioca and I thought the place we saw was great. But still we wanted to be so sure of what we're getting into. Buying a house is a whole different thing. It's not like shopping for clothes or shoes that you can go buy on impulse. We needed to think hard, really hard and decide if this is what we really wanted and if it's worth it.

On the last day of our leave, we got a call from our agent about an Open House thingy happening at East Residence Ortigas. They were giving discounts to people reserving a unit on the same day. Tapioca and I went there still unsure if we should go right ahead and buy the place or if we still need more time to think about it. Upon arrival, we met up with our agent and some other peole who were prospects buyers. I have never been in a open house party so I had no idea what was going to happen.

So anyway, we were there for the mass, waited for the mass to ended, waited until the priest finished blessing the 2nd building, waited until our agent explained to us what was going on. As I have said there were a lot of prospected buyers and basically everyone wanted to get the best unit available. Seeing all those people eager to buy we also felt the urge to go for it and reserve the unit without thinking. Without any care if the decision was right or wrong. Until all the good ones were taken and what's left were the 4th and 5th floor units of low rise condos without elevators.

It was a sad and emotional experience. We're very disappointed but one thing's for sure. It was a good decision not to pursue something because your mind was all for it and never wanted to look back and never cared for the disadvantages. It was all good. Glad we are over it. We are still not giving up this dream but next time we will be more prepared and 100% totally and absolutely sure of what we are getting into.


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