Braces Off!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Please ignore my oily forehead. This picture was taken at my dentist's clinic with my retainers on. Wearing them for the first time. My teeth look waaaay better now than before. Much much better. Big thanks to my super bait na dentist Dr. Ryan Bacho for the miracle, (himala, daw oh?) I mean great job. I once thought this would never be possible but look at what happened. Wanna see the difference? Please click here. And if you're interested in getting the service I got from Dr. Ryan, just send me a message or you can look him up on facebook. I know he has one :-)

So anyhoo, after two years and two months I am officially saying goodbye to my braces. Goodbye metal mouth. Hello retainers.

I thought the worst thing is all over but not. The retainers, uh-oh I hate it. From making the impression (I thought I'm going to die with the process, seriously) to actually putting them on. It was the most discomfort feeling ever. I thought I'm gonna die like it's the end of the world. It wasn't painful. Just awkwardness to the nth level. Okay, that's just me exaggerating hahaha. But just like the braces it's also a matter of getting used to. My dentist said I have to wear it 24/7. Well, no can do. I can't eat while wearing them. It's so much discomfort that I don't get to enjoy my food. But whatever. I lasted that long with braces on I know I can survive. Now what? Ohhhh, I think I'm ready for my pictorial!!! *evil laugh*


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