Nectar - A Novel of Temptation by Lily Prior

Saturday, September 27, 2008

For some reasons I wasn't able to read as much book as I'd love to just like those days back when I was still in school. Maybe because I'm too preoccupied with so many things to do here and there. Or maybe because I cant seem to find a book that catches my attention/interest. So when my office mate brought this very intriguing book, darn I just cant put it down.

And if you're wondering what it's all about, here's a brief summary/description found at the back of the book:

"Ramona Drottoveo, an albino, is a chambermaid at a lush Italian estate. Distinguished by the intoxicating sent she exudes, Ramona is despised by all women and adored by all men, whose inexhaustible lust she eagerly satisfies. Life changes when her husband dies after discovering his bride with another man on their wedding night. Blamed for his death, Ramona and her lover are exiled to the neighboring city of Naples. There, Ramona's life is transformed once again by the birth of a daughter, Blandina, who 'steals' her mother's scent. No longer able to seduce men into blind submission, Ramona humbly returns to the estate to an unexpected welcome - and revenge."

Oh well, what can I say. Upon reading it I instantly got this hatred for the main character, Ramona. I feel for all the women in the book who also hated her. Haha! She is very loathsome, hideous, horrible, name it. Am I being bitter here? Nah, seriously, of all the books I've read, she is the most disgusting protagonist ever. Perhaps the author really really likes her because in spite of all the karma she got for being such a bad girl, its still a happy ending for her. Tsk tsk.

Anyhooo, the book didn't failed to entertain me. I enjoyed reading it til the last page (though before finishing the book I already knew what will happen in the end cos its kinda predictable). The author has got a great sense of humor and very witty indeed. Ask me if I will recommend this book? Sure if you're curious enough, go figure.


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