Taylor Swift's One Night Concert In Manila

Saturday, February 19, 2011

While Taylor Swift is performing at her concert today at Araneta, here I am gratifying my self with her songs on my windows media player. As tickets got sold out in days this is the best that I can do.

I just had one wish. Please come back to Manila, Taylor. I love your songs. I want to be in your concert, too.

Your fan, Jellybean.

P.S. You happen to share the same name of my guy from the band Hanson. What a coincidence. I love the both of you!!!


Another BDAY for Tapioca

Friday, February 11, 2011

Here we are again celebrating Tapioca's birthday. It's amazing how time flies. We did not have any formal plans for his birthday so it's anything goes. Well, we do have plans (and there's a lot) however due to limited funds we went with whatever our budget can afford.

First off to this newly opened spa in J.P. Rizal. Tapioca hates going to spa but I insisted he give it a try at least once. And he did. The name of the place is Mynx Spa. It is situated in some sort of a townhouse-turned-spa so you get this homey and cozy feeling. Here's some pictures of what it looks like . . .

The place looks so inviting, right? You can actually reserve this for you and your friends and hold a party. Perfect for bonding moments :-P

And here's the birthday boy having a massage while waiting for his feet to be pampered.

Then our calves and feet were applied with these salt scrub.

Also with some cream and they covered it with cling wrap. Now we're ready to bake!

They use this lamp as a lighting while doing my nails. It was nice cos it didn't ruin the mood of the place.

After hours spent at the spa, we're finally ready for some serious pigging out. We were craving for crabs and anything seafood. We're blaming the TV series Deadliest Catch for this. We were so hungry that we just chose the nearest place to get a crab fix and ended up at Dampa in Farmer's Market.

We went to our fave stall Sis and let them buy the seafood and meat. We ordered for half a kilo of crab, a quater of a kilo of shrimps and pork. Here they are . . .

. . . a big bowl of pork sinigang

Can't live without soup.

plentiful of shrimp tempura . . .

Mind you, that's just a quarter kilo and we got about more than 10 pieces. And the main event goes to . . .

. . . chili crab in butter and oyster sauce

The crab looks pathetic, I know. There was about 3 pieces of them but the birthday boy can't wait to demolish them hahaha. It wasn't bad nor good but enough to satisfy our cravings.

Happy 8th birthday, Tapioca!!! Ooops, sorry kinulang sa kandila. It should be 28. Don't tell him I told you how old he is. Patay me. Hahahaha!!!


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