Doll Domination

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I cant remember the last time I watch a concert. Was it the Hanson's Concert? Gee, that's like 5 years ago!!! Prolly not. But seriously, I can't remember. The Doll Domination concert would be a good start for this year.

I can't believe I missed the Pussycat Dolls' first concert here in Manila. Well, I have an excuse for that. I have a night shift on the said date and I needed sleep more than anything. Yeah, right. It sucks when you live only to go to work.

By the way, PSD is back with a new album and all the songs are pretty darn good just as the first album. This time I totally made sure I'm not gonna miss it. Thank God there still are people na kahit pang-gabi eh may social life pa rin. Thanks you, thank you, thank you to my office friends for watching the concert with me. And of course big thanks to Clear shampoo for bringing PSD back to Manila with matching 50% off on ticket. Nicey!

... Jellybean, the 6th Pussycat Doll?!?!?

Melona, Cheryl, Cristy and the 6th PSD.... hahahaha!!!!!

We had so much fun at the concert. They sang all their hit songs, as in! Name it, you got it, every songs they released. It's like watching the first concert because they sang all their hit songs from the first album and songs from the new album plus every one's fave Jai Ho (from the movie Slum Dog Millionaire). We thought Jai Ho's going to be the finale song but we were wrong. It was When I Grow Up extended version.

The show ended with a big bang. Wonderful fireworks display. It was so amazing. It's like the time stop and we just stared in awe at the colorful sky. Sorry, no pics of the fireworks.

When the fireworks ended we realized how tired and exhausted and hungry we were from standing up all night. Unbelievable Melona was able to endure all this despite the fact that she is very pregnant. We tried to look for a place to eat but it seems like all the restos around the MOA Concert Ground are fully packed. Mark suggested to go to Cubao but its late and we were starving and too tired to walk and too tired to think of what and were to eat.

I swear my feet never got this tired before. I think its because of lack of exercise hehehe! I feel like having a foot massage then. We ended up at Shakey's in Bluewave. Again, sorry no food pics :-(

...jellybean with preggy but still pretty melona

Over all, the concert was great except the standing ovation part. I mean I've watched outdoor concerts before but this one made me sooo tired due to all the walking. If you want to go from point A to point B it would take some serious walking. I'm not sure if I will watch another concert in MOA ever again. Not unless it's Hanson, why not?


The Blair-ish Project

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Last night, I got the saddest text message ever. It came from a very emo friend. He was whining about his mom forgetting to greet him on his very special day. Upon reading his text message I felt so bad and feel the need to do something.

Then this morning an idea dawn on me. I remember having his mom's number on my phonebook and decided to give her a call. I have no idea what to tell her. All I know is I have to come out with something that will make sure emo friend would realize how wrong he is about his mom. I mean come on, the last person on the entire universe who would ever forget your birthday is your mother, right?

So there I was calling his mom. Never even meet her or talk to her before. Not sure how to start the conversation but somehow it went well. Uhm, not really well cos his mom was not feeling very well that time. She said she felt a little hurt cos it seemed that her son don't like her. Ouch. I told her the purpose of my call and the plan that I was thinking. She said she had a headache and not sure if she wanted to do it. I was like, it's ok I totally understand and apologized for calling at the wrong time of the day.

I called emo friend and told him my conversation with his mom (but did not go through the entire details of course). Plan A didn't work. Moving on to Plan B, I got ready to hit the mall and, lo and behold, I got a text message from his mom saying that they were game to carry out the plan. Yay!!!

His mom picked out the place and we all meet up at SM Makati. So, I finally met his mom and brother and they were... not what I was expecting. Emo friend always tells me that her mom is evil and really really scarry or something like that but he was obviously exaggerating. Ok, I'm expecting the worse but it couldn't be that bad since she agreed with my plan. She was really nice when I walked up to her and greeted me warmly. She has a really good sense of humor which makes me feel comfortable while chatting with them. On the other hand, his brother seemed a little shy and timid as oppose to what he said about him.

I was able to talk to his mom more thoroughly than our conversation over the phone earlier. I found out that she's like your normal/typical mom who's mostly concern with their children's well-being. It's amazing how she copes up with taking care of two teenagers and working at the same time. Somehow, in some little ways I found things that are common with her and my own mother. Quite unnerving as it was, it raised questions on me. If time comes and I become a mother as well, I wonder what would I be like? How hard would it be raising teenage children in the future? Would my children think of me as a bad or a good mother? I saw my mother struggled with me back then same as with emo's mother only on a different level. Prolly because of the difference in time/generation? *shrugs*

Anyway, after a few minutes of talking emo friend finally arrived. He's got that confused look in his eyes like saying "what the f*** is going on?" Hahaha!!!! Surprise, surprise he was. He did not know what to say or whatever he just looked at us and..... I'm sorry. Not sure if I should write that part but don't worry guys, I made sure emo friend had a very memorable and pleasant Birthday to date.

To emo friend.....many more birthdays to come!!!! Love you much!!!!


Fashionista - How do we look?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One rainy day sa office, Josh brought this uber nice black leather trench coat. I so like it and didn't waste time to try it on. Nice debah?

...mga feeling fashionista hahahaha!!!


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