We Got Served!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

This was the 2nd time the gang went back to Serve in Araneta Center. Hephaestion has been hanging a lot here lately and he discovered a must try cocktail!

We found ourselves seated at the bar where all the actions happen. We watched as bartenders busily prepare drinks. It was fun to watch them as they mix different drinks with all the jiggling and juggling of the liquor bottles.

For the pulutan, we ordered the usual...

. . . pork sisig

hotdogs on sizzling plate . . .

There's nothing to rave about the food here. The pork sisig is so so and they used cheap hotdogs. Anyway we came here for the cocktails.

Here's Mr. bartender preparing our cocktails in a really tall glass.

Up next were the liqours. Four different types of them. Lookey, lookey, no measurements here, Mr. bartender just splashed them all in the glass.

Last add on, pineapple juice.

Here goes our cocktail for the night . . . sorry I forgot the name.

Yummy. This reminds me of illusion shaker we had at Cocomangas but this one had a stonger kick. Too much alcohol I guess. After a sip or two we hitted the dance floor. Par-tay time!

. . . jellybean, thirdy's mom and hephaestion

tapioca and jellybean . . .

Party's over. One last shot for a great night out. Pouty lips pose.


Meet 'The' Friends At Little Tokyo

Sunday, October 11, 2009

For the first time in history, the apat na sikat will meet my boo. My very first boo. Hahaha. Everyone was curious. Until now they still couldn't believe we made it official (Neither do I, hehehe). We set the date when all of us are available and the closest location possible which was in Makati. Vanjee has been raving about this Yakiniku place in Little Tokyo frequent by celebs.

It was a Saturday night and good thing we were early. We chose to dine al fresco with the view of a Japanese garden. Once we were handed the menu our jaws dropped for two reasons. First, they offer waygu meat cuts for the yakiniku. Yay! I've been dreaming of having a taste of this excellent, oh-so-fine wagyu meat. (Click here to view Wikipedia's definition of wagyu) Now the second reason, prices were way too expensive. Tapioca was still in the office then and we were waiting for him until his shift ended so it's kinda hard to decide if we should still go on and have the yakiniku or better yet dine somewhere else. He's paying so we must consult him first if the price was okay. But then, our server that night had really good or should I say great upselling skills. So great she was able to convince us to get the most expensive item on the menu. Yikes. We just hope Tapioca won't get a heart attack once he saw the bill.

After placing our order we got scared of ordering anything else that would add up to our bill. We even refused to order any drinks. "Just plain water please", that's what we told our server.

This is not beer and we didn't pay for it. Complimentary tea served chilled but flavorless. Like drinking water (that's what we asked for). Since it's tasteless, we asked our server for some sugar. Still the sugar did not make it any better. Anyway, it was free so we couldn't complain more.

Now, now as if our server wasn't through with us having to order the most expensive item on the menu, yet again she made another attempt to sell us some salad. Her upselling line this time was "Favorite po ito ni Gretchen Barretto, as in masarap po talaga..." Yeah, yeah whatever. Next thing we knew, she was putting a plate of greens on our table.

I say she's really good at what she does. Then, she helped us in putting all the sauces and tadah!!!!

It was love at first bite. We all loved it. Really loved it. Too bad we all had to share this. Those greens looked unfamiliar to us but nevertheless is was so good we forgot we were eating salad. I mean salad dishes were usually boring, right? But the sauce they used for this one made all the difference. Now, this is Jellybean's fave too.

Up next, plate after plate of wagyu meat cuts. Just look at the marbling of the meat. Good grade meat I say. Wonderful.

Time to grill the meat . . . prepare to smell like your food.

. . . almost done

The meat were all sliced thinly so it'll cook in less time. Once we're done grilling, we tried each one of it and we were all speechless. It was amazing. The best grilled pieces of meat I've ever had. Truly divine. No need for sauce or anything. So worth it for its price. *cough* It was so good we could not stop eating. We almost forgot to save some for Tapioca hahahaha.

Vanjee ordered this . . . Takoyaki with real octopus pieces inside. I almost forgot to take a picture of it that's why there's only one takoyaki left :-) I still prefer the Takoyaki in Robinson's Galleria though.

Tapioca got bitin with the yakiniku so he ordered some maki and sushi. I told him our bill was almost 3k and he just shrugged it off.

. . . California maki

It's good but the maki in Shinjuku was even better.

mixed sushi and sashimi. . .

They said sushi and sashimi are acquired taste. For me that is so true. The first time I had sushi I almost threw up but now I'm getting use to and loving it. Anjee, who's new to Japanese food, did not enjoy this plate. We liked the sashimi, but some were hits and some were misses.

After all those food, we still wanted to get some waffle ice cream for dessert but it was late and Syoto stop was already closed then. When we went home, Tapioca and I were still in drinking mood so we bought The bar at a nearby store and I fixed myself this drink...

. . . The Bar + Orange Juice = Screwdriver. Me likey ^___^

Nicey fix to end the day.

For more pics, visit Ivy's Multiply site.


Anjee and Rhian's Birthday Bash

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It is actually Anjee's birthday but the couple also celebrates monthsaries for their little angel Rhian therefore it became a double celebration. The party was held at their home and the apat na sikat were all present for the special occasion.

It's one of those times where we can all meet up and take a break from our busy lives and catch up with each other. A lot of things has been happening in life lately and I just have so much stuff to share with them but then time is limited and also Anjee had other visitors to entertain. Anyway, there will always be a next time for an all night chit chatters.

ninang vanjee and ivy...

Here are the food pics. .

pancit malabon...

...grilled tilapia and bangus for pulutan :-)

Cakes gallore!!!

halo-halo cake roll from red ribbon...

...black forest from goldilocks

mango bravo from contis...

Yummy cakes!!! It's kinda like a cake party we had hehehe! Before we all parts way, the girls and I planned our next night out when they will finally meet Tapioca.


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