I Almost Lost My Phone . . .

Monday, March 15, 2010

Thank God for there are still people with good heart.

Thank you.


Tonight's Dinner: Ham and Egg Sandwich?!?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Too lazy to cook, Tapioca prepared this sandwich. For me, a sandwich is just a snack. To him, it's already a meal. Dunno if we're on a diet or what but my guy is a sandwich guy. And with him around, I better get use to the idea of having a sandwich for lunch or dinner and it's not just for snack.

. . . ham and egg topped with grated cheese

Tapioca here spreading some love err mayo on the bread.

I know it looked gross but relax, it's just mustard.

I still want my rice pleaseeee.


Yellow Cab

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Food tripping once again. Tapioca and I headed to Eastwood City for a very late lunch. Both of us craving for pizza and pasta but can't decide where to eat. A lot of pizza places are now mushrooming all over the place especially with the now opened Eastwood Mall. When unsure, just go to a realiable pizza place and that's what we did.

While waiting for our orders we went upstairs to dine al fresco style. We have the entire 2nd floor to ourselves. Some privy here.

After a few minutes our orders arrived.

. . . tripple cheese pizza

Nothing can go wrong with this basic cheese pizza but what's more important is the crust. Yellow Cab has this super thin crust pizza that's just right so you can savour and enjoy the cheesy topping.

chicken alfredo . . .

This is new on their menu. Love the al dente pasta covered in creamy white sauce. Surely they did not scrimp on the ingredients. There's a lot of chicken pieces, olives and basil which I can't help picking out before Tapioca finish them all. Hehehe.

We enjoyed a nice dinner with great pizza and pasta plus the ambiance. Yellow cab is still one the best thin crust pizza for me.


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