BBSC Christmas Party

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I know it sucks not to have any team outings but at least this Christmas, the BBSC team made all efforts to have a grand Christmas party. Everyone in the team contributed ideas on how we can have a memorable celebration.

Click here to view all the pictures from the party (forgot to take group pictures, though). And here's what we had for Noche Buena in the office. Pancit malabon, macaroni salad, baby back ribs and mocha cake roll. Good job everyone and Happy Christmas!!!


MTICS 2K2 Christmas Party at Dampa Farmers

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December once again and the gang of MTICS 2K2 held another get together/Christmas Party at Dampa Farmers. It's our 10th year anniversary of being together ever since college days and we were so glad because inspite of everything that happened, good or bad, the MTICS family is still here and kicking asses. Hahaha!! Well, not everyone was able to attend but at least most of us tried to get there just so we can spend some time catching up with each and everybody's lives. Even those of our classmates who are out of the country were present via video conference. Thanks to the power of internet.

... the early birds

We celebrated the party in a place that offers fresh produce from the market so it's just fitting we feasted on seafoods. Yay!

buttered shrimps ...

... sinigang sa miso, maya-maya

baked tahong ...

... calamares

king and queen of videoke, can never be part from the microphone :-) ...

All the food we ordered above including rice and drinks cost us around two thousand pesos! It was pretty cheap. But we have to leave the place after 11pm so we need to change venue and continued the party somewhere else. It was a Saturday night so the entire place was packed with party goers. We ended at Elbow Room in Ortigas. My camera's battery died so no more photo ops. I tried using my phone's camera but the lighting was so bad it can hardly capture anything but the light coming from the flash :-(

Over all, it was fun-filled party and hopefully this tradition continues for as long as we live. Amen.

P.S. Click here to view more pics from the party.


Celebration 2 Times

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yesterday, we welcomed baby Rhian to the Christian world as she was baptized at St. Michael's Church in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. And it also fell on the day of my birthday thus a double celebration.

Traffic this time of the year was so bad. Tapioca and I missed the ceremony at the church so we ended up at the reception, in Anjee's place for lunch.

(from L-R) Sherwin, Ivy, Anjee with Rhian, Gen and Jellybean

Ninang Vanjee and Mara were present, too.

This is Mara's girl. Her name is Alyna.The last time I saw her, she was just a new born baby but look at her now, all grown up at 4 yrs old :-)

After lunch, Tapioca and I went to my place for a very simple birthday celebration with my family. It was actually his first time to meet them. As my birthday cake, I had a blueberry cheese cake from Conti's

and pancit malabon for long life.

On my day, I decided it's about time my parents meet Tapioca. We've been going out for months and I believe it's the best time for them to meet him. The first person Tapioca met was my father. He was sitting on the wheel chair, watching TV when we came in. My father was all smile and for some reason he was able to talk and we were able to understand most of his words. My father had a stroke 2 years ago and half of his body got affected as well as his speech. So for us to be able to understand a bit of what he was saying was amazing. Then he met my brother and sister-in-law and lastly my mother. They seemed to be pretty okay but when Tapioca's out of sight they would ask questions, silly questions and would make fun of me (especially my brother). They all thought we're bagay because of our chinky eyes :-)

Now, now as for the most funniest comment, they all thought Tapica was my gay officemate!!! It's because of the way he was dress and the way he talk, they said it was so gay. Oh well, even at the office they too had an impression he's gay. I'm not sure if it's suppose to be a compliment or what but truth is... he is so NOT gay. Take my word for it. LOL!


An Early Birthday/Christmas Present

Saturday, December 5, 2009

As the saying goes... "expect the unexpected", well that’s exactly what happened last night. On our way home, we were so happy chatting when Tapioca made a remark that totally pissed me out. Next thing I knew, the air got thicker and colder and we were all quiet and uneasy inside the cab. I decided to go back to the office but Tapioca protested. I was very emotional then and I lost it and started to cry. I was really, really upset and I wanted to be left alone.

Tapioca then looked troubled and pleaded for me to go home with him. When we got home, I stormed the room and went straight to bed and continued to cry. He then tried to hug me and told me things to help me calm down. And then something popped out in my head. Alright, I think I wanted a peace offering. Since I’m upset I knew just what I wanted. I told him I wanted Haagen Dazs. He said he’s got something better than Haagen Dazs. I raised an eyebrow. He then pointed at a box on top of the laptop.

It was supposed to be a surprise but I thought I already knew what’s inside. Earlier, I was having a hard time using the mouse for the laptop so my guess he probably bought a new one for me. But then my presumption was WRONG. As I ripped the top portion of the wrapper, there in front of my eyes the letters DSCH20. As I read the letters one more time, it occurred to me that maybe it was a joke. So I ask him, “Is this just a box or what?” He laughed while shaking his head. He could not believe I actually doubted it was real. I unwrapped the box completely and there it was in my shaking hands, the digital camera of my dreams. Tears kept falling from my eyes but this time they were tears of joy. What a big surprise. I was speechless for a moment.

And here goes the very first photograph from my Sony DSCH20 . . .

To the love of my life, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. *hugs and kisses*


Buffalo Wings ‘n Things and Jalapeno

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We’re going to have take outs from Buffalo Wings ‘n Things and Jalapeno Mexican Cantina for tonight’s dinner. While waiting for our orders at Jalapeno, Tapioca and I hanged out at the bar and watched the bartender prepare drinks. He ordered a San Mig Light and I had a Mojito.

The bartender was very nice. When we asked him what kind of drink he’s preparing, he would reply then gave us a free shot to try. I think I got 3 shots of different Mojitos for free. *wide grin*

Then I spotted something on the shelf where the liquors are displayed. Lookey, lookey… Patron tequila, one of the most high end (read: expensive) tequila.

We got home a little tipsy from the free shots then eat our take outs while watching How I Met Your Mother.

Chili cheese fries from Buffalo Wings ‘n Things. This was kinda sad. Serving size was small for its price.

Another sad looking dish from BWnT. Buffalo wing in barbecue sauce. The last time we had buffalo wings from them, they were huge unlike this one on the photo. I wonder what happened. Good thing we ordered other stuffs from Jalapeno and they did not turn us down.

Burrito – It was huge definitely worth every peso. And its full of rice, meat, beans and everything its supposed to go with. Tapioca had a great time eating this.

Quesadillas – This was also huge. I’m not sure what to get at Jalapeno so Tapioca order this one for me. I so loved it. Soft tortilla, lots of cheese and soft beef pieces. And I can’t get enough of their sour cream. The best I’ve tried so far.

I was all worried whenever trying out Mexican food based on my previous experiences but with Jalapeno around I'm back to my food loving adventure and would definitely be back to try more of what they offer. As for BWnT, I'd say they still worth the second chance.


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