The Marketplace At Eastwood City

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eastwood City had a taste of the night food market thru The Marketplace. It's like the famous Banchetto where new food entrepreneur showcase their products all in one place. We were able to try most of the stalls but unforch not all of them are included on this post. Some of the stalls I forgot if they have names or not.

. . . chicaco white deep dish pizza 

 Huge pizza for a hundred bucks. Crust too thick, toppings forgettable.

the patties of monster burger . . .

This was one of the popular stall in the Marketplace. The patties were thick therefore longer cooking time. Gotta have patience while waiting for it to be cooked. Tapioca noticed that the staff was poking the burger patties while cooking it. That's definitely a no no as this will release the juices from the burger making it dry. He had to keep an eye on his burger to make sure they won't poke it like the rest of them :-)

. . . the challenge

Tapioca was contemplating if he should join this challenge. In the end he decided not to. No pressure and more time to enjoy his meal.

. . . burgers are ready to be dressed-up

 After trying out the burger he found it was just okay. We had better burger than this.

chef resty's roast beef . . .

This was quite a steal. Cheap roast beef but the quality was not compromise. It was very tasty even without the gravy. The meat was so tender and juicy. We paired it with ciabatta bread and made a roast beef sandwich. Even the bread was good. This was our favorite.

mini cakes . . .

We bought the mini blueberry cheesecake from this stall and we got robbed. The cake was devoid of cheese. It's too flour-y to be called a cheesecake. Too bad I forgot the name of the stall (if there's any).

more cakes . . .

There were several cake sellers and we moved on to this one. We got the red velvet and the smores cake. The red velvet was dry (at least it's price reasonable) but tolerable. Best to pair it with coffee or tea to counterbalance the dryness. The smores on the other hand was pretty acceptable.

The Marketplace opens from Mondays-Fridays between 11pm to 9am. It ran for a few months and then people get tired of it and some of the stalls started to dwindle.  Aside from the Marketplace there are other night market that still operates all over the city. You just have to check the schedule as most of them are open during the weekends. I'm actually interested in going to the Mercanto night market as I heard great reviews from other blogs.

How about you, have you tried any of these night market in Manila?


Chuck's Deli

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

One of the advantages of working in Eastwood City is the variety of shops and restaurants where you can dine and enjoy a hearty meal. But it can also be a disadvantage. Dining out every single day is not good for your health nor your wallet, if you know what I mean.

I am celebrating my one year of wearing retainers. I still despise them but finally I don't have to wear them 24/7. Tapioca on the other hand is on another journey towards healthy living (read: diet) which I can only hope be successful and would go for the long run. At dahil jan we opted to have sandwiches for lunch at . . .

. . . Chuck's Deli

Every table had a hand sanitizer  as they encourage you to eat with your hands.

the sauces . . .

The garlic sauce and the spicy one.

. . . coca-cola cherry flavor

The cherry coke spells nostalgic. The moment I saw this in their fridge I knew I had to get one.

root beer float . . .

Tapioca had this. We love root beer and we love it more the fact that they used A&W root beer (in can). Awesome!
. . . chili fries 

Home-made double fried fries, chili without the beans, jalapenos and grated cheddar cheese on top. If you noticed on the pic there was too little cheese but nevertheless Tapioca was raving on this especially their version of chili. He said it was like the real deal, the one he was so used to eating when he was still in the US. I have low tolerance with heat but I was able to manage eating the jalapenos. It actually added some oomph and made it more yummy.

french onion soup. . .

This is the first time I tried an onion soup. I am  not really fond of onions but I decided to give it a try on this visit. Ya know, for a change. I must say that the broth was very flavorful. I also loved the melted cheese on top. But the onions, there was too much. Even Tapioca who never say no to onions gave up. Don't get me wrong. The soup was good. And I should have known this was going to happen. Obviously, it's not called onion soup without onions. Anyway, I guess I just got so overwhelmed with way too much onions. For a first timer who's trying to be adventurous, open-minded and still learning how to appreciate the food she's not so inclined to, I find this as a good start. I can say I still have a long way to go.  One thing's for sure. This is not going to be my last french onion soup.

the sidekicks . . . 

Each order of their sandwiches comes with a side of your choice. Potato chips, french fries or onion rings. Since we already tried the fries we then chose the home-made potato chips and beer-battered onion rings. These sidekicks went well with the garlic sauce. I personally loved the potato chips with the garlic sauce. Let me also tell you that we liked the plain garlic sauce better since it has more garlic flavor as oppose to the spicy sauce which we found the garlic flavor to be overpowered by all the spiciness.

. . . philly cheese steak subwich 

Beef, American cheese, onions and mushrooms on a hoagie bun. This was Tapioca's choice.

off the hook slabwich . . .

And this was Jellybean's choice. Just half a slab. Nice touch of serving the sandwiches on a wooden chop board..

. . . a peak inside my slabwich

Beer-battered fish with dill pickles, greens and more of that garlic sauce.

NY cheesecake from sugarhouse . . .

We were suppose to eat at Sugarhouse but Tapioca changed his mind so I had a cheesecake to go for dessert.  Overall, we did not regret choosing Sugarhouse over Chuck's. Tapioca can't seem to get over the chili so we might  expect a return visit. He already know what to order next. Clue: it has chili on it.


Bigoli Ristorante & Bar

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Had breakfast at Bigoli in Eastwood. Formerly, the Fazoli restaurant. Same exact place, same exact menu with a new name. We ordered their budget friendly set meal good for 2. The set meal includes the following:

. . . bread sticks

One stick for both of us. It was yummy! Wish there was more.

garden fresh salad . . . 
. . . 2 small pieces of italian chicken and a big slice of cheese pizza

The chicken was tasty except the meat was on the dry side. The pizza slice was big and I'm big with plain cheese pizza so it worked for me. I actually had most of it.

meat sauce spaghetti . . .

Now this was Tapioca's kind of spaghetti. Italian style (read: sour). I like my spaghetti a little sweet, Filipino style. I had the pizza and he had the pasta. Fair deal.

. . . minestrone soup

I love soup especially when it's piping hot. Though I'm partial to creamy or clear soups this was fine by me. The chunky parts on the other hand went to Tapioca to finish.

turtle cheesecake . . .

Tapioca surprised me with this cheesecake. I was so giddy when I saw it served on our table. It looked so yummy however it was too sweet for my palate.

I loved Bigoli's unlimited soda. They have a soda station where you can dispense any soda of your choice. The only downside of trying different soda is you get full easily. But still it's great value for your money.


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