My Hanson Shout It Out Tour Concert Ticket

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I can't believe I almost forgot the date when the tickets are going to be released. So there I was watching some TV shows with Tapioca until we got sleepy and when twelve noon hit the clock I realized I missed it. The Hanson tickets were out! I wanted to scream in disbelief. I forgot them. I totally forgot about them. I was like, this is not happening. This is what you called an epic fail. My plan to call TicketNet from the moment they open failed miserably.

Before it gets any later I immediately dialed TicketNet's hotline. O cge late na kung late but I still tried to check. Maybe there would still be front row seats left. Ya know baka sakali lang. Wala namang mawawala if I try to ask, right? So I popped the question to the guy on the other line. And the answer came in as no surprise. Parang sinagot ko na rin yung tanong ko. Pakak. Asa ka pa.

According to the sales guy, the closest seat I can get along the aisle section was at row H (8th row). Don't want a seat na nasa gilid. Gusto ko sa gitna ako. So ayun I reserved na lang that seat. The guy said I had until the following day to pay for my reservation or else it'll get forfeited. I was kinda disappointed. I really wanted those front row seat and if I'm really lucky, maybe a meet and greet pass na rin (teehee!). Still I didn't lose hope. I'm praying that there would be someone who will give up his/her front row seat.

After our shift I told Tapioca that we should go straight to TicketNet and again magbaka sakali na may front row seat or if not at least closer seat than row H. Alright, I'm not gonna make you think that I actually got front row seats. Ako na yata ang pinagpalang fan sa balat ng lupa if that happens. And whoever will get those seats kayo na, kayo na ang mga anak ng Diyos. Hay, I'm sounding so bitter.

Yeah no front row seat for me but truth be told I'm really thankful and felt so bless for the ticket I got. I'm still lucky somehow I managed to get a seat closer to the stage. Again I'm grateful I was able to afford the ticket. And more than ever, the fact that they're coming back to Manila is already enough to make me the happiest. It's an early birthday/Christmas present for me. Thank you LORD!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Anyhoo, let me continue the story. At TicketNet, I was expecting we're gonna be the first customer of the day. Oh well we got there 30 minutes after opening time so there were already people in line. When my turn came, I asked the girl in the counter for the VIP seats available. She said the closest seat available was at Row C but it's at the farthest left. Sorry me no likey (choosy ang lola mo!). As I said I wanted a seat near the aisle. Then lo and behold, she said there's one available at row E and it's near the aisle. Whoa! 5th Row!!! And that means I will move 3 rows forward. Not bad. 3 rows makes a whole lot of difference (if you have been in a concert at Araneta you'll know what I mean). Without batting an eyelash, I handed to her my cold cash.

Tantararan . . . . Behold my VIP row E ticket. This was the first shot I took from my camera and I was very pleased with it I did not bother to take another shot. Moments like this calls for a celebration.

And I celebrated this accomplishment by eating a cake. Since I already splurged on the ticket I figured the cake need not to be fancy or expensive. As long as it will make the celebration the sweetest and memorable.

Breadtalk sells expensive yet super yummy breads but their cakes are cheaper just like the cake above. Sorry I forgot its name and the price. Prolly around 60 bucks(?). Despite the price you've got to hand it to Breadtalk for the effort in packaging and presentation. Doesn't look cheap at all. Taste wise? Well, you get what you paid for hahaha. And in fairness this cake stayed moist even if it was left in the fridge for a week. The wonders of preservatives :-)

And that's moi trying so hard not to show how happy I am for this accomplishment. Heck, this is such a long post. Cencya na ha. First time kasi. The last time Hanson had a concert here in Manila I wasn't a blogger yet. I just wanted to document everything in details. Kung pwede nga lang magcountdown ako dito sa blog na to but it's just gonna flood my site with non substantial blog posts (duh, as if I'm blogging things that are sensible for man-kind).

Here I am finally with a smile. I look so sleepy because I am! I got the ticket in hand so I can sleep well na after this.

Okay, okay. I really can't help it so let me go through this na nga. It's now 4 months and 1 day before the Hanson Shout It Out Tour. Yay! Peace, love and a bullet-proof marshmallow!


You Will Be Mine Soon . . . Very Soon

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Photo from

That is the Kor water bottle errr hydration vessel that I have been lusting for the past few weeks. I found out that our office was just right across Tripologies where these babies are being sold. I could not help but whip out my credit card and take the darn thing home with me. But I didn't. Why? Because they don't have the orchid pink that I really reeaaaaaaalllyyy want! They said I can pre order it and it would take 2 weeks. I was like, okay I think can wait. Then there's the guilt playing on me. It was telling me how selfish I am for thinking only of myself. To lessen the guilt feeling I thought of buying one for Tapioca. But then spending more than three grand for water bottles, ooops I mean hydration vessels? I think that's way too much.

But if you think about it, whoever invented this thing deserve some credit. Just look at that uniquely design drinking vessel where every part was well thought of. Basically, you're paying for the design and not for the brand name. Who on earth knows Kor made these amazing vessels? I didn't until I saw one. How many water bottles/vessels out there you'd give a second, third, fourth look at? I'd say none until I saw this one. I think the price is reasonable. Or maybe I'm just being such a crappy little brat trying to reason out why I will spend Php1700 on such thing.

To each and his own. I don't really need to reason out why want I this hydration vessel. I wanted it because I like it and I will buy it because I can. Now, now a better opportunity has come my way. I may have to wait a bit longer than 2 weeks but I am getting a pretty good deal. My friend's friend who happens to be in the US for vacation will be bringing my *deep breath* hydration vessels *deep breath*. Yes with an 's'. I will get my orchard pink Kor 1 and Tapioca will get the sunshine orange Kor Delta (If you may ask why that color, well it's Tapioca's fave. Now you know). I was able to get two of them for the same price they're selling the Kor 1 here in Manila. Sweet. I can finally get some peace of mind which I needed so badly.

. . . the vessels ready for shipping

Thanks Ives for making this dream a reality. Let me end this post with the lyrics from Le Tigre. 'I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. I know I know I know I know I know I want you . . . Kor 1!


Hanson Shout It Out Tour Philippines 2012

Monday, November 21, 2011

OMG. I just got a text message from Ivy saying that Hanson will be coming back to Manila for a concert. And as of today it's confirmed. Dayly Entertainment and HNet made it official. It's all over the net. I'm so glad that the tickets are amazingly cheap. I don't really have a budget for this thing. Funny I even say that. Back then I always have a Hanson fund which I dare not touch (but not anymore). Tapioca and I have already made plans for an out of the country trip and this came all of a sudden so technically this is out of our budget. But my guy loves me so much he lets me get what I want. ***hugs and kises*** I also wanted to fly to Cebu and watch the 2nd show. Okay, I'm asking too much already. Certainly Tapioca won't allow that to happen. I love these guys longer than I love Tapioca. Now things have change I love Tapioca more than I love Hanson. But still they will always be a part of me. I can still talk about them with giddy and talk non stop like I'm doing now. It's a fan thing ya know. It makes me feel like I'm back to my teen years all over again. I thought last their concert 6 yrs ago was the last time I'm gonna see them in our country. But a miracle has come and they're coming back. Peace love and bulletproof marshmallow. Hanson fans unite!!!


Vanj's Birthday at KBOP

Monday, November 7, 2011

We were so happy when we found out Vanjee has returned from China. That means we will be able to hang out and celebrate her birthday here in Manila. My friends were eyeing this deal from Metrodeal. It's a deal for a four-course meal from a Korean resto in Venice Piazza. I remember bringing them to this oh so fine Korean place in Pasay and we totally had a great time. I think they wanted to revive those moments and that's why they chose KBOP. I purchased 2 vouchers and we setup the date.

On the 5th of November we all gathered at KBOP in Venice Piazza. We were expecting a restaurant but found ourselves at a Korean fast food joint.

. . . the fast food ambiance

The voucher we got from Metrodeal was for a 4-course set meal good for 4 persons. Original price was Php1,000 but we only paid for Php499 per voucher. They have 4 different set meals to choose from. Now I'm not sure how to name the dishes here as they were not explained to us. For reference, I've used the voucher to check the name of the dishes based on what they looked like.

Chapchae - Korean glass noodles.

Kimchi dumplings

Tuboo Chorim - Braised silken tofu

Korean Chicken


Our server said this is already 2 servings of samgyupsal. Can you image kung single serving lang ang dish na itech?

Korean Pancake with soy dipping sauce

From all the food served to us, the only dish that striked the most was the Korean dumplings. It was spicy as expected on Korean food. The pancake was also good. Now the rest of them are on the sweet side. There was no oomphs and zing. It's like they're catered to suit the Pinoy taste buds.

Portion size of the dishes were too small. I'd say not good for 4 persons specially if you're a big eater. Yeah, the rice serving was ga-bundok but the dishes? Well, the pictures speak for themselves. So konti and so bitin. Honestly, I'm not willing to spend one grand for this 4 course meal. Enough lang sa Php500. And you know what, during our lunch we saw that they have this 4 course meal promo on going. No need to get a voucher because you can avail of the 50% discount direct from the store. Hay, wala lang. This was a learning experience. At least it killed our curiosity for this Korean resto.

Not so satisfied with the meal, we decided to go somewhere else. Vanj had pre-ordered some cupcakes from Sonja's so off we went to Serendra.

. . . jellybean at Sonja's cupcake shop

sisters anj & mel . . .

. . . ivy taking pictures of the pretty and delish looking cupcakes

Check out the Smeg fridge behind the counter. It spells a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I'm still dreaming of my red Smeg (see it here) *lol*

Tapioca and Jastin patiently waiting for us while we took tons of pictures and cupcakes at Sonja's

. . . little Rhian playing in the rain with our now broken umbrella

Next, we headed to Timezone in Market Market for karaoke. This was another thing we really missed a lot (remembering our providence days) and we have to do this before Vanj leaves the country.

While waiting for our turn at Timezone, we indulged into these artisan cupcakes by Sonja's. They're so pretty to look at I was trying to resist not to eat them but I did it anyway. The icing was too sweet for me. I feel sorry for them. Such a lovely design but have to go to waste. Awww.

The wait is over but Anj, Joy and Rhian have to go. In the end it was just me, Tapioca, Ivy, Jastin and Vanj left. We loaded up our cards with over a thousand bucks to spend on the karaoke machine. Yay!!!

Turns out one thousand was too much pala. We only spent half of it and yun suko na kami hahahaha!!! If Glenn (a.k.a. Videoke King) was with us, I'm sure kukulaning ang 1 kiaw.

. . . Tapioca's time to shine *lol*

Happy Birthday Vanjee!!!!

Wishing you all the best. Good health, successful career and . .. and .... a new boyfriend :-P Love you friend!!!


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