A Not So Good Dinner

Monday, September 28, 2009

In the mood for Italian, we headed to Eastwood City to try the newly opened Sbarro. We're gonna have take outs from Sbarro because Tapioca is so used to eating at home while watching some movies or TV series. He's more comfortable that way and I think I'm getting use to it.

We dropped by first at Jack's Loft for some desserts. I missed their choco moist cake so I ordered a slice of it and Tapioca had the choco mousse cake to go.

...choco moist cake

Uh-oh, this is not the same choco moist cake that I had before. Just by looking at the pic, some parts were moist and some were not. Worse of all it tasted stale like it's been sitting in the cake shelf for ages. Sadness.

chocolate moussee cheesecake...

Yet, another stale tasting cake. We hardly finished all the cakes. Talk about disappointment and waste of money. I think Jack Loft's better check the quality of the cakes they serve or it will ruin their reputation. If we had this at their restaurant I would probably have them replace or get a refund.

Moving on to our Sbarro take outs...

...stuffed pizza

Tapioca had this one. I tried it but nothing special. In fact, I can't remember how it tasted like let alone the exact name of the pizza.

chicken macaroni salad...

The pasta was cooked right and the light coating of mayo was perfect. Pineapple complimented the dish as well so its not nakakaumay.

...lasagna with meat sauce

A little trivia here. Tapioca prefers red sauces for his pasta while Jellybean prefers white sauces. Obviously this is Tapioca's choice. Whenever I'm at Sbarro I always order the baked ziti with white sauce. Tapioca has been raving about Sbarro's lasagna and he wanted me to try it. Alright, so that's what I did. And I thought it was a big flop. Surprisingly Tapioca agreed. He can't accept the fact that it's not the same lasagna he always had at Sbarro. Same goes with the pizza therefore concluding Sbarro's branch in Eastwood the place to be avoided.


Breakfast in Bed

Friday, September 18, 2009

This morning, I woke up in bed and saw this....

...ham and cheese omelet, french toast with strawberry jam and orange juice

Oh la la, talk about the sweetest thing....


Sinigang na Baboy

It's cooking time. Tapioca showed me how to make his own version of sinigang, one of my favorite comfort foods of all time. Doesn't really matter if its pork, beef, fish or shrimp. I love them all.

For this post, we used pork. Jellybean helped him out in her own little ways on preparing the ingredients. Tapioca chopped the garlic cloves, onions and lots of tomatoes and Jellybean was in charge of the veggies. We had kangkong and sitaw (string beans).

Once all the ingredients were ready, Tapioca started heating up a big pot with a little bit of oil. Then he sauteed the garlic, onions . . .

. . . and tomatoes.

Once everything turned soft, he added the meat and continued cooking it until the meat sweats.

Then he added the water and the sinigang mix. We used two packs of these instant sinigang mix to make the soup really sour.

We let the water boiled until the meat becomes tender. Then add the veggies and cook it for few more minutes until the veggies are cooked.


Tapioca's Sinigang na Baboy

Once again, a meal is never complete without a sweet ending called dessert.


Food Trip On A Rainy Day

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It's a rare occasion where Tapioca and I got a day off together so I thought of maybe going out to places where we have never been before. But then, the weather was not cooperating so instead we were stuck with our usual routine. Not to ruin the fun of getting a common off, Tapioca showcased to me food places he love that's just near his place.

Since it was raining a lot these days we ordered food on the go and eat them at home. Had our lunch at Danilicious but unforch I forgot to take pictures. Then dinner time came, I made sure not to forget to take pictures. But then lighting is bad at home so pardon my pics.

Being the Chinese dude that he is, he just knows where to get a good fix of Chinese food. New City is just a block away. Once we placed our orders, Tapioca and I hanged out near the open kitchen and watched in amazement how fast the chef prepared and cooked the food.


Thick egg noodles, the type use in lomi made into pancit. I'm not really sure about this one. Probably my expectation was high. Was not able to finish the whole thing.

hototai soup...

I love this soup! It's a complete meal as it is with meat, vegetables and squid balls. This was very flavorful. They also added one whole egg in it.

...the soup was piping hot so it cooked the egg yolk like this

shanghai fried rice...

I don't eat fried rice that much especially when it's too dry for my palate. This one is a bit dry but I was able to eat it though.

...pata tim

One of the very popular chinese dish. Braised pork leg (pata). We order just the regular so serving size is small. The meat was very soft and it falls off the bones.

chop suey...

Mixed veggies and meat cooked in a starch-thicken sauce. This tasted like the hototai minus the soup. Still good. Tapioca loves this.

For dessert, we headed to Banapple along Katipunan Road. I heard they had great cakes and pie selection so when Tapioca mentioned we're going to get cakes from Banapple, I got so excited like a kid. He sure lives around where there are good places to eat.

I had the blueberry cheese cake and he had the warm shoofly pecan pie

The cheese cake was good although I had better cheese cake before. Tapioca said the pecan pie was really good.

How I wish we can always spend our day offs together but then again I need to spend some time with my family as well.


Red Mango and the Froyo War

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Before Red Mango and every froyo stores in Manila came, there was Better Than Ice Cream (BTIC). Well, froyo or frozen yogurt has been around the country for decades and it's just amusing how all of a sudden new froyo places are mushrooming all over the metro. What's all the hype?

Okay, ice cream fan here but when I heard about all the health benefits of froyo, I even considered of being a convert.But then again, to taste is to believe. Each and everyone has their own preferred froyo places. And as for me, I must try yet one of the most covetted froyo from Red Mango.

Yes, Red Mango has finally landed in Manila. Now I wonder when will Pinkberry will join the war? For those who didn't know Pinkberry is also owned by Starbucks and is making waves of froyo followers in the states. As for Red Mango it's a Korean owned company.

Luckily, Mark who's also hooked with Red Mango, happily dragged me to Eastwood. Red Mango's store in Eastwood is small but still a lot of people are patronizing the place. It was kinda hard to take pictures in a small place with lots of people.

We ordered a medium size of plain yogurt with two toppings and it costs almost a hundred bucks. Hmmm, makes me think this froyo should better be good for its price or else. Here are the choices for the toppings on your froyo...

...fresh fruits, take your pick

assortment of crushed cereals, chocolate, nuts, etc...

Mark's pick...

...mango and peach slices

Jellybean's pick, inspired from cheesecake obsession lately...

...blueberry and crushed grahams

Verdict: It was pretty good. The soft frozen yogurt may taste ice cream at first because of the creaminess but the tangy aftertaste tells you that you are still eating yogurt. Now, the toppings sure feels like I'm eating cheesecake only healthier. Me like it but I will be forever in love with ice cream. LOL. I think I need to try the others too just to know if there's any difference. What do ya think? Have you tried any froyo places yet?


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