PBA 38th Anniversary

Saturday, April 13, 2013

I was at Robinson's Galleria to get my NBA clearance when I saw the art exhibit by Janddie Castillo for PBA's 38th Anniversary. Armed with my Iphone, I took this chance to test my phone's camera. Here are the photos:

. . . The Furious

This painting is called The Furious (Mark Caguioa). Check out how much it cost.

the price . . .

. . . the artist's signature


Then I saw someone making her own signature on this board so I did the same.

Can you see my sign?


Today Is A Good Day

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Today marked our 6th months as husband and wife. A lot of good things happened which made Tapioca and I very excited. Finally, Tapioca got his tablet while I got a new phone and . . .  a new job offer. Yeah, I'm joining the corporate world again. It's about time. Never thought I would do this but I'm also joining the Apple bandwagon.

Tapioca loved the Sony Tablet. He's ignoring his PC right now (which seldom happens until today). I love the Iphone! Can I just say that it's really nice? It's far too different than the phone I'm used to but I'm loving it! I like the querty keys so much. Also, the touchscreen never gives me a hard time (unlike some other touchscreen phones). I still have a lot of things to learn about this phone not to mention transfer/download a whole bunch of stuff like my contacts, music, games, etc. When I'm all set, I'll sign up for Instragram. Follow me ha? #excitedmuch

Update: I am now on Instagram. Follow me @jellybean74170.


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