Anjee's Wedding Part 2

Sunday, January 25, 2009

December 27, 2008. It was a lovely day. All sunny but the breeze was cool. Rey and Anjee exchanged vows in front of their families, relatives and friends. The wedding ceremony went smoothly. Solemn and everything any couple could wish for. It was perfect. Thought the entire mass was in Ilocano we didn't mind at all.

The Grooms' Men and Bridesmaids very own photo shoot:

When everybody was full next came the programme and some more dancing. As I said these town people loves to dance. They never get tired of it. Even the senior citizens were game. The funny thing though was their song choices. It's very very limited and worse yet repetitive. The most repetitive songs ever were Brother Louie and Endless Love. One more thing, they have their own interpretation of song genre. To them, Brother Louie is rock or any other fast songs even if it's R&B or trance...its rock. Modern to them was the 10 years ago Backstreet Boys song. Fascinating, huh?

With all those partying and socializing, we finally realized how tired we were. Ivy's heading back to Manila. Unforch she can't come with us to Vigan. We spent our last night at Anjee's place charging our batteries for the next day adventure.

We woke up early in the morning because Anj will be touring us around the place. It was really nice seeing all those greens and the breath-taking view of the mountains. Very relaxing. Sometimes it's good to just stop, smell the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature. Pure and simple.

pathway leading to...


ang kambal bow...


Next stop was the hanging bridge. Oh my it sure was scary but didn't stop us for some photo op.

Vacation trip to a province will never be complete without visiting and taking a deep at a nearby river. Refreshing.

It's time to say goodbye and gave our best wishes to the newly weds. In behalf of this blog I would like to thank their families for the warm welcome and accommodating us. We appreciated it so much. Til our next trip to Cervantes.

Finally to Rey and Anj.. may you forever shower each other with kisses, hugs and most importantly love that will last for a lifetime.


Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy birthday to...
Nanay (Jan 22) and Ivy (Jan 24)
More birthdays to come! Love yah!


Anjee's Wedding Part 1

Sunday, January 11, 2009

For years that I have known Anjee, she and her family always visit Ilocus Sur every chance they get. Makes me wonder what was it like there. She did invite us to visit but for some reason we never get to set it up. Now, who would have thought we will be able to go there and it will be on her wedding day? It was her parent's hometown as well as Rey's hence it's a suitable place to hold the wedding... in Cervantes, Ilocus Sur.

It's the first wedding for the apat na sikat. We were all very excited. We know it wouldn't be easy to go there since Cervantes is in proximity to Mountain Province and Benguet. We were more than aware of how bad the roads there but at least we knew what to expect because of our Sagada escapade. It's going to be a memorable day for us plus a mini vacation. How nicey!

Our trip to Cervantes started with very bad vibes. It's like something was holding us from getting there. It was raining cats and dogs on the night of our trip. Plus, we were not so lucky enough to get decent seats on the bus. We happened to be early at the bus terminal but unforch they no longer sell tickets. Our only chance was... well being chance passenger at Victory Liner. Come on there's no big deal if you're a chance passenger. That is if your really have the chance to get a seat but the only thing we're so concerned about was getting there and we mean getting there on time. Anjee already explained to us that transportation going to Cervantes has schedule and limited. Talk about tough luck. That's what we needed badly. And somehow we did manage to board the bus though I must say it was a bumpy ride. Ivy and I were basically sharing a seat (buti na lang mga sexy kami haha!) just so we can make it on time for the first and last trip of the vans going to Cervantes. I was awake all night long and wishing we can get to Baguio really soon so I could at least catch a nap on the van we will be taking next.

We arrived at Baguio really early. Plenty of time to look for the van terminal. Too tired, too sleepy and too hungry we headed to this semi-Korean resto for breakfast. This has becoming a fave of mine whenever going to Baguio. Here's our feast.

...crab soup with invisible crab meat

ham and french toasts...

...seafood something

After the very satisfying brekky I received a text message from Anjee saying there's an alternate transpo going to their place. In slaughter house there were buses going to Cervantes. Those buses were heading directly to their house. We just needed to take that bus and drop at their very front step. So I was like "Okay girls, forget the van, forget the hanging bridge, we're taking the bus". Wonderful.

Again we were early at the bus station but it seemed the buses or let say the drivers were not professional enough to go to work on time. Blame it on the holiday. The drivers were drunk from last night's Christmas celebration. None of them were up that early. We kept on bugging the barker there asking when will the drivers arrive and when exactly are those buses leaving? They said they're on the way. And they kept saying that for the last 2 hours.

It's already 7am and still nothing. We're extremely worried at this point. This trip was very important to us (didn't I mention that already?)and the last thing we could think of was leaving Baguio on the day of the wedding. Really scary and would totally ruined the wedding. People were flocking the terminal because there were no buses, heck there are plenty of buses parked right in but no drivers. They too were wondering why this was happening. And all of them said it's very unusual.

Our only chance came just in time. A jeepney offering a ride straight to Cervantes. We were tired and all that jazz but what the heck. This jeep will bring us to our destination. Forget about taking a nap, seating my ass properly or whatever. Last chance. If this is what will take to get us there, bring it on.

And the agonizing journey began. After an hour the jeep had to stop because of a flat tire.

...stop over

flat tire tsk tsk...

...when will this misery end?

We waited for a few minutes for them to replace the tire and we waited some more for a stop over to a vulcanizing shop. Then, there was the never ending dirt road giving us free face powder the entire trip. By lunchtime we were able to meet other passengers who happened to be Rey's relatives. They were nice enough and assured us that we were almost there. Great. Just great.

At the Cervantes town proper, we found out from Anjee's very soon-to-be relatives that we needed to take another jeep to get to the exact location. We settled to this jeep already parked waiting for some more relatives. Ivy, already planning to go top load when the good news came. We finally saw familiar faces. On the other side of the road came Anjee's family vehicle carrying Mike, Joy and Mel. Alleluia!

On the way to their house we saw the friggin' hanging bridge which Anjee mentioned to cross once we arrived at Cervantes after taking those vans from Baguio. The bridge was more or less a kilometer long! With all our bags and luggage I bet it would take forever to cross that. Somehow I was kinda thankful we took the jeep.

Finally, at Anjee's place we see more and more familiar faces. We were greeted and welcomed warmly by their family. Instantly we felt at home and totally forgot our miserable trip. As usual everyone was busy preparing for the party happening that night and of course the wedding next day. We settled in our room and rest for a bit, took a bath, some chit chat here and some chit chat there.

We were expected that night for the wedding rehearsal and the traditional pasayaw. Ivy, Vanj and I were wondering what was this pasayaw thingy cos none of have ever heard of this before. We were in for some surprises.

Supposedly the wedding ceremony is to take place at the town's Cathedral. However, there had been some unreasonable people who were trying to ruin Rey and Anj's day by booking the same place, date and time. Now the town's parish priest said he can only officiate one wedding per day so what will happen is they will have both weddings on the same place, date and time. Of course that is totally unacceptable considering Rey and Anj requested that date way too early and all of a sudden these despicable couple showed up and said they're having their wedding at the same place. Same date and time. No freakin' way! Anyway, Anjee's an optimist and and she will not let those evil and powerful couple ruined her day so she just gave way for them and they'll just hold the wedding at a chapel just a stone throw away from their home. I can only wish those irritating couple's marriage would last (evil laugh).

The wedding rehearsal went quickly and we were back at the house for dinner. As part of the wedding preparation they got some pigs and cow butchered. For dinner, we were served meats cooked the Ilocano way. They served us papaitan, dinuguan and dinakdakan. Sorry no pics here. Papaitan is a famous Ilocano dish cooked with bile to make it taste bitter. I loved this dish and I rarely eat this because no one in my family knows how to cook it. During our entire stay in Cervantes I was sure eating this every meal. About the dinuguan they have different style of cooking it. In Manila, dinuguan is flowing with the pig's bloody soup. Dinuguan the Ilocano way was very dry. Anyway it still tasted good and I'm glad I'm not a Muslim haha! As for the dinakdakan, I was afraid to try it because it looked too fatty. They said it was good though but to taste is to believe. I guess I'll give it a try next time.

Wonder no more. Up next is the traditional pasayaw. Here all the abays will be asked to dance by anyone and it is rude to refuse. I'm not gonna make kwento na what happened. The pictures here obviously said it all. Feel free to caption them.

No doubt these town people loves to dance. It was past 12 midnight and it looked like the party just started. I was like "Hell-o?" The wedding's at 8am and we need to be up by 3am to have our hair and make up done.

Anjee however was superb. She stayed up late until the pasayaw ended and woke up as early as 2am. She was unbelievable. With all the commotion and glitches from the last minute preparation she still managed to be cool-headed. Anyhoo, every one was able to manage as well and made it through.

To be continued...


Looking back....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hello everyone! I miss you all. It's been a while since my last post. I know I know, holidays are over (and I am back to my so-called life. Yay!). I have soooo many things to blog about but too little time or maybe just being really lazeeeee hark hark!!! I promise to post them really really soon :-)

2008 was year so unpredictable for me. When it first started I thought I knew what I wanted. I made plans and everything but never did I expect that my plans would backfired. All the plans goes the other way around. Unexpectedly. But looking back, I have no regrets.

Last year was a blessed year. So many blessings have come my way and I am very thankful and grateful to Him. I would like to thank also the people who've made this year memorable to me. And lastly, big thanks to all the bloggers in the blogosphere. Without them there will be no Thanks for the encouragement.

Here are the highlights of my 2008:

  • For almost 3 years of working in a call center I've been used to living the not so ordinary way of life. Kinda like an owl tulog sa umaga, gising sa gabi.Not to mention the weekly change of schedule. I had my routine consisted of office, work, home, sleep, office, work, home, sleep and again and again. So when I was offered the day shift I immediately accepted it. It was like getting my life back. And this was the beginning of my 2008 adventures. Finally, God answered my prayers. Thank you po!

  • Wanted to learn how to swim but ended up scuba diving. Hooray!

  • Planned of going to Sagada with apat na sikat, ended up with just me and Vanj and new friends. Sweet!

  • Because I was so amaze of the diving spots in Palawan I ended up snorkeling in Boracay. Yikes!

  • Morning shift...who said its not as stressful as night shift? Think again. Thank God I discovered a good way to de-stress. FOOD TRIP! Haha!

  • Anjee's Wedding...a first from apat na sikat. So, who's next? Definitely not me!

  • Misadventure at Vigan - Last leg for 2008. Why misadventure? I'll post it next time :-)

I got this text message from Anjee a few hours before new year's eve of 2008. I was so moved by the message I decided to keep it and send it again for the coming year 2009. Probably you got this message if you're on my phonebook. But for the benefit of those who are not on my phonebook here's what it say:

No one can go back and change the beginning but anyone can start from now and make a happy ending. Hope you'll have a year that's right and ends happy. Have a blessed New Year!

I really hope we can all start the new year right. Thank God for new technology for I will be able to see my progress through this blog. *smile*


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