Nanay's 70th Birthday

Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's my mother's birthday and as promised I bought her a cake from Red Ribbon. She just loves their cake. When I got home she was overjoyed when she saw me carrying a huge box of cake. She thought I was kidding. Me was like "of course not!"

. . . Smile. My nanay doesn't look like she's in her 70s na. Uyyyy nambola pa hekhekhek!!!

And her smile got even wider when we lit up the candles and sang her the birthday song. Gosh, should I know she would react this way I should have given her a cake with her picture on it. That would be even nicer, don't you think? But she was very much please with this cake anyway. At least next year I have an idea on how to surprise her. Hahaha!

make a wish before you blow the candles . . .

And her wish . . . more birthdays to come!!! We couldn't agree more. As you know, when you reach that age you should be really thankful and ask for a healthier you so you'll be able to celebrate more birthdays. Amen!


PBA Championship

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Once upon a time in my high school years, I happen to be a fan of basketball especially The San Miguel Beermen. I watched every single night these guys play even on weekdays where I'm suppose to be doing my assignments and not shrieking and screaming in front of the TV as if I was in Araneta Coliseum and not in our living room. The guys in my family, that is my father and brother never understood my liking for basketball. They're more into sports with violence such as boxing and martial arts. But my nephew on the other hand shares my passion.

Fast forward to the present, here I am watching a game this time at the real Araneta Coliseum which earns me all the rights to scream my heart out for my fave team together with my nephew Oler and his cousin Egie and the rest of the crowd. It's SMB and Talk & Text aiming for the title.

. . . Oler and Egie

It's Egie's first time to watch a game in Araneta Coliseum and he was pretty excited. As for me and Oler we used to be regulars here. But things changed you know and I got busy with my life so we haven't been back until now.

I did not bring my camera here for fear they might confiscate it. I used my phone camera instead. For a camera phone, I think it has a good zooming in capability.

This one was bit blurry because I was moving and so the subject which was the white airplane-like balloon. That thing spits out styrofoam balls and if you catch one you will get yourself a price. Too bad we didn't get the change to catch any balls. Also SMB did not win. Sigh.

Just look at my nephew's smile (Kita ba? Cencya na nognog lang ^_^). You bet his team won. Boohoo!!!


Be Kind Rewind

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hello there. I'm Jellybean and welcome to my almost 3 years old blog. For years I have been trying to keep this blog up to date with no success. Also I've been trying to keep the time line as accurate as possible or at least have the posts in line or if not near the date the event, or activity took place. Because of circumstances (forgetting lots of things due to old age and laziness) I find it now impossible to do so with all the back logs still waiting to be posted. I have so many pictures stored (now some of them are missing) that I still wanted to blog about no matter how aged or considered a history already. So from this post forward, you can expect them to be finally published.

Thank you for being patient and for still reading my silly and nonsense posts ! ! !


2011: Another Chance To Start The Year Right

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy New Year everyone. I hope everyone had a happy celebration on the first day of the year since I, on the other hand started unpleasantly. Pardon if I'm gonna make some ramblings here. I know it's such a shame but the start of the year for me was really bad.

First of all, I was really looking forward to our media noche but due to the changing weather we're experiencing I ended up miserable in bed. Our relatives from Bicol were present to celebrate the new year with us. We bought lots of goodies, fruits, chocolates, candies, ya name it and prepared the food.

Then afternoon came I thought I was just sleepy and tired since we headed straight to the grocery right after my night shift. Then came New Year's eve and I was suffering from a terrible headache, a bad case of colds and cough and fever. My family cooked all the food I requested and I was not able to enjoy it. It suck. Big time. I was in bed for days and my boss think I'm being absent on a purpose. :-(

Then second of all, my notebook almost crashed. Damn the ants on our place. They seem to be attracted to the hard drive. Next thing I knew the computer won't boot up. I tried restarting the thing and it worked but it was really sluggish. So slow it took me an hour to open a single application. What's even worse was the pictures stored on the hard drive are now inaccessible. Tapioca has been reminding me to back up my files especially the photos. He even gave me a brand new portable hard drive as a gift so I can have a backup for all my files. Now I felt so bad I never listened to him. We figured because the hard drive got infested by ants there are now bad sectors on it and no way we can retrieve the photos. Another lesson I learned the hard way.

So much for the title of this post, right? Well, this is just the beginning. So far so bad but it ain't the end of the world yet. I still have 360+ days left to be happy about life. I may not have the life I so wanted right now but I have a family who cares deeply for me. And I have a guy who never stop loving me despite all my flaws. And lastly, I have Him up above who gives me hope when all else fails. That's enough reason still to have a happy 2011!!!!


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