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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello, there. It's my one hundredth posts. I should be celebrating and giving away gifts and free stuffs like all other bloggers do but sad to say I'm not. If there's anyone out there who would sponsor freebies for this blog ngayon pa lang nagpapasalamat na ko hihihi!

I created this blog 2 years ago to keep track of things I would want to remember for the rest of my life and to share with friends ideas and things I've been up to. I know I've been a delinquent blogger who never get this blog up to date. I'm sorry but I don't want to make any promises. I do have a life, a real one which I can't say I'm living my life to the fullest (cause if I do I'd probably be done with this blog) but that is another story. What you would see here are mostly anything shallow because that's how I want this blog to be. This blog is basically all about fun, pleasure, happiness and shallowness, a bit of cute personal things, some rants and raves but nothing too serious or dreary.

Alright, that's enough for now. It's time to get things going. I hope you'll all be patient with me cause I have tons of posts to share soon. Very soon.


Adobo Republic

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Tapioca’s turn to choose a restaurant and that’s at Adobo Republic along P. Tuazon Avenue. From the name itself you will know what they serve . . . adobo at its best with a lot of twist to boot.

We started off with . . .

. . . chicken spaghetti soup

It looked liked the Pinoy sopas we’re so used to and yeah it's very much like sopas except they used spaghetti noodles. The soup was very flavorful and has passed my standard. It’s the kind of comfort food you would like eat during rainy days. You will love it even more because it cheap. 25 bucks and I bet you I can down 2 or 3 bowls of this wonderful chicken soup.

adobo diablo. . .

Super spicy pork adobo with Diablo rice (even more spicy than the meat), half a tomato and half a salted egg. Tapioca had this. The pork was so spicy he had to order two extra rice and more salted eggs and tomatoes. This is his all time favorite here.

. . . adobo sa gata

Chicken and pork adobo with coconut milk. Jellybean’s choice. The coco milk thickens the sauce making it creamier and gave a new twist for adobo. Kinda felt like I’m not eating adobo anymore but hey it’s pretty good. There were slices of chili fingers shown on the pic but it's not as hot as what Tapioca ordered. How I wish there were more sauce to slather on my rice. I paired my meal with this . . .

root beer float . . .

We just got to try two of their best sellers and there are still more adobo with more twist to try. For adobo lovers out there, there's no reason to miss this place.


Tsoko Nut

I discovered Tsoko Nut when I still used to do my shoppings in SM Makati. I love how they make the place so homey and comfy, offering really good Filipino dishes at a very reasonable price. I got hook in their watermelon shake and ever since I can remember I always order watermelon shake if it’s being offered by other restaurants. Tsoko Nut now branched out at Eastwood City and tonight we are going to have dinner here.

. . . watermelon shake

This place started my addiction with watermelon shake. But the shake they served me was too sweet and too obvious on the picture . . . watermelon seeds that were blended all together with my drink. I can stand the sweetness but the seeds, urgh! It tasted bitter and it might get stuck in my braces. :-(

spaghetti with meat sauce . . .

Tapioca ordered this one. He said it was okay and he was not happy with the serving size. To him it’s too small.

Spaghetti aligue – (sorry, no pic. I must have erased it somehow. Next time I go back to Tsoko Nut I will take another pic) I loveeeeee it. I swear I can eat this everyday if only its not too unhealthy. Saltiness is just right and its not malansa because of the calamansi. Serving size was okay for me. I was able to finish the entire thing and didn’t get bitin.

chicken sandwich . . .

Again Tapioca was not happy because it’s small. Hay!

. . . suman sa manga

We had this for dessert. It was overloaded with flavors. The saltiness of the suman blended well with generous bittersweet chocolate and mango. Yum yum! Tapioca doesn’t eat mango so I had all the mango slices by myself hahaha.

So I had a wonderful time with great food from Tsoko Nut but my man was not satisfied with the small servings. Oh well he’s a big guy and he sure eats a lot. I think the prices compensates for the serving size. As I said, for me the serving size was okay because I don’t eat that much (?). I kinda wish every restaurant’s serving sizes would be like of Tsoko Nut so we can avoid leftovers. Oops, bite my tongue. If they all try to do that I mean a lot of people will become unhappy including Tapioca.


Spam with Sugar + Mom and Tina’s Desserts

One night, I suddenly crave for Conti’s Mango Bravo. Travelling from Libis to Serendra would take more than an hour and Conti’s would probably close by that time. Then I thought of ice cream cakes from Mom and Tina’s which is just a few minutes away from the office. So I dragged Tapioca there and bought these. . .

. . . mango with cashew nuts ice cream cake for jellybean

apple pie for tapioca . . .

The mango cake was yummy but I would still go for Conti’s mango bravo anytime of the day. Anyway, it’s still a good substitute. Tapioca on the other hand was disappointed with his apple pie. Yeah it’s not too sweet which was good but then the pastry was sort of deceiving. The pastry was fluffy on the outside which made it look like there’s a lot of a filling as oppose as to what’s really inside.

Moving on to the main course, we’re going to have spam dredged in brown sugar. Tapioca learned this from his mom.

Here, he sliced the spam then dredged them in brown sugar.

Next, he fried them until they turned brown.

Here you go folks. Tonight’s dinner, spam with sugar. This is something new to me but when I tried it the taste was very familiar. Does tocino rings a bell? That’s right. It tasted like tocino without the tough or fatty parts. Me likey! These spam goes well with bread, soup and a bottle of coke. Pardon the burnt bread. Somebody left them in the oven toaster longer than they’re supposed to be. :-P


Pancake House Take Out

Weekend meals at the office, in our cases are usually all time boring. That’s why we are forced to buy take outs or order out at places that serve affordable yet good food. But sometimes you have to pay extra just to get something that would surely take away the stressful ambiance of staying in the office for long hours. For this weekend meal, Nyokie was kind enough to buy us take outs from Pancake House.

. . .spaghetti with meat sauce –

My all time fave from pancake house. Never get tired of it. And all those years the taste is always the same except the serving size, of course.

Jellybean had the grilled cream cheese sandwich with potato salad on the side. Loved the sandwich but gave the potato salad to Tapioca. Somehow it tasted weird for me. Prolly because of the pineapple.

Tapioca had grilled ham and cheese sandwich with french fries on the side.

There you go folks. And that’s how we survive our weekends in the office. I know it’s kinda hurtful on our pockets but we had no choice and it’s for the weekends only though.


Best Friends

In the past months I’ve been going to Sikatuna Village for my monthly braces adjustment, Lara (Vanjee’s sister) and I always see this restaurant in bright pink and green that is so hard to miss when taking the LRT 2 and dropping off at Anonas station. The foodie in me is always eager to try new places to eat but with the both us having our braces newly adjusted, the thought of going o a food trip doesn’t seem to thrill us.

One day Tapioca was heading to Gilmore to buy a bigger capacity hard drive for his PC and I decided to come along with him. We went to Anonas to take the LRT 2 when Tapioca spotted the restaurant in bright pink and green sign reading Best Friends. We haven’t eaten yet so he thought of having breakfast there. But I already had ice cream on my mind ( imagine ice cream for breakfast? yeah definitely soooo me!!! ) and since we’re heading to Gilmore I just knew where I wanted to eat and that’s at the Nestle Creamery near Gilmore.

When we arrived at Gilmore the PC stores are still closed so Tapioca and I walked a bit to Nestle Creamery. Unforch the creamery won’t be open til 11am and I have a shift at 12 noon so that means no ice cream for me. Sigh. Tapioca tried his very best to console me and promise we're going back there next time and he’ll make sure Nestle Creamery is open. (As of this time Nestle Creamy is gone and now replaced by soon to rise condominiums.)

No dinner plans that night so we both decided to try Best Friends and we’re so glad we did.

. . . sago’t gulaman

Just okay but it’s cheaper compared to Chowking.

sinigang na baboy . . .

At first the server told us that this is no longer available because they ran out of veggies. We said we don’t mind cos we’re just after the sour soup. When it arrived at our table, the sinigang was served in a super huge bowl! It just didn't seem like it on the picture but it's really big. Approximately good for 3-4 people. We were like, “do you think we can finished the entire thing? I think we ordered a lot.” You betcha. By the way, the soup was really good and had the right amount of sourness. And the meat, it was tender and amazingly I did not have a hard time chewing on it.

. . . buttered chicken

Another item with big serving from Best Friends. It’s super good on its own. No need to dip it on sauce. Love its crispy coatings accompanied with whole lotta butter. Lip smacking goodness.

. . . mixed pancit bihon and miki

Nothing fancy. But it has a distinct taste or flavor that I’ve known only from this version of Best Friends. And the part that Tapioca loved the most . . . eat all you can rice! And wait there’s more. They’re open 24 hours. Yay! Another food discovery from Tapioca and Jellybean.


Tonight's dinner...

Tapioca fried this fish and it was cook medium. I would prefer it to be crispy and fried through and through. But he wants it this way. Since he fried the fish we will have his way.

Salted eggs the way Jellybean likes it . . .

I like my salted eggs mashed with lots of finely chopped riped tomatoes. This way the saltiness of the egg is balanced with the acidity of the tomatoes. He did not like it so he made his own.

Salted eggs the way Tapioca likes it . . .

Salted eggs with tomatoes, onions and soy sauce? I told him the egg is already salty, why add soy sauce? Well, he likes it that way period.

Despite our differences we had a wonderful dinner while watching episodes of Big Bang Theory. Both of us happy with our own versions of salted eggs.


Hap Chan

Monday, July 5, 2010

As much as I would love to go on a food trip, having braces can be very difficult, irritating and painful especially when it’s newly adjusted. At times like these the only thing I have in mind is congee (or lugaw). Nothing else can whet my appetite with the exception of cakes and ice cream of course.

Then, there was Tapioca wanting me to try this Chinese restaurant in Ali Mall. With my condition on his mind, he made sure they serve good congee. It made me think. When did a congee ever tasted good, I mean they all tasted bland, right? Anyway, I still found myself heading to Hap Chan for a late dinner.

When I got to Hap Chan the guard won’t let me in because according to him they’re already close. I called Tapioca on his cell phone and finally they let me in. Tapioca already ordered our food, the last order for the night.

. . . congee

I had this one and as I said before they all bland no matter what.

yang chow fried rice . . .

Just okay I think. Tapioca finished 2 orders of this (hehehe). He just loves anything fried rice.

. . . lemon chicken

He was raving about this. Too bad I’m having difficulty chewing so Tapioca had this all by himself.

mapu tofu . . .

Now this one here is the winner. It’s robust with flavors unknown to my palate. It’s spicy but just enough. Tapioca said he can taste a hint of liquor on this dish. Prolly that’s why it was so delish. My braces were just newly adjusted but I can’t help taking pieces of the tofu leaving the meat parts to Tapioca.

After dinner, we went to 711 and bought a pint of ice cream for dessert then we headed home to play some guitar hero and rock the night away.


Ristras and Serenitea

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We have been watching Man Vs Food lately and Tapioca always turns green with envy from watching Adam Richman eat all those gigantic food especially one of his fave Mexican food, burrito. Then one day, I discovered a restaurant offering burrito and they also came up with a challenge like the one in Man Vs Food. I told Tapioca about it and next thing I knew we were heading to Ristras with officemate Christian and his Italian girlfriend, Iris.

. . . Iris and Christian

When we got to the place Tapioca changes his mind and decided not to take the challenge. He wanted to take his time eating the burrito to enjoy it. The guys got the burrito. And us girls got the quesadilla. Upon ordering, they will ask what meat do you want to go with you’re burrito or quesadilla. They have chicken, shredded pork, roast beef and a lot more. Then they will assemble them in front of you.

Here’s the burrito and a basket of tortilla.

Tapioca paired his burrito with Mexican beer, called Corona and I had their home made sugar cane lemonade. The lemonade was quite pricey for such a small cup. As for the taste, it was just okay.

Here’s our quesadilla. It’s as huge as a 12-inch pizza folded in half and it’s full of meat and all the Mexican goodness. Iris told me that we had to treat this quesadilla as an enemy, and that we have to conquer it and bring it down. I only managed to finished half of this one, though. It was very filling.

I still like Jalapeno’s quesadilla especially their sour cream. Tapioca would have to agree with me. It’s just that the servings are big but taste wise we are still rooting for Jalapeno’s burrito and quesadilla.

We ate our food al fresco and it was extremely hot that day. We noticed a lot of people going to Ristras were going to the other side of the street to a store called Serenitea. After that very filling meal we decided to chill at Serenitea and order some tea to help digest the food we ate and to cool down on this super hot weather.

From the name it self it's obvious they're selling tea. But this place isn't just any other tea places. This is a tea haven. They have an extensive menu just for tea alone and they serve it freshly brewed. Hot or cold. With or without milk. And you can choose the sweetness level from 0% to 100% or beyond. You can also add sinkers on you tea like pearl, crystal, black bricks, pudding, lime jelly, and QQ. I tried one of their best sellers, Hokkaido with 50% sugar level and it was perfect. Just the way I like my tea. I would love to try all their tea especially their milk tea but this place is just too far from our place. They deliver but in San Juan area only.


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