Some Time Off and Stories About My Tatay

Monday, October 31, 2011

So how was your Halloween? Me, nothing special. No we did not go to parties and don some customs. Before Halloween, my family and I went down south to grant my father's last wish. I thought it's going to be a chance for some R&R. I mean, it was suppose to be some time off work but turned out to be a stress I wasn't expecting. Nanay refuses to take the airplane so we have no choice but to take the 12 hour ride in a non air conditioned bus. Oh the agony, I swear I will never do that again. Ever.

Because of the travel time, we're left with so little time in Bicol and not much to do but to focus on the main purpose of us being there. On the day of my father's burial we were expecting only close family and relatives who will join us. I was surprise because dami pala namin kamag-anak. It was an emotional moment again for us. I was thankful for their presence. It felt like we had another wake for him. A wake with people who knew my Tatay really well.

They told me stories about Tatay that I never heard before. Like Tatay do magic tricks when he's drunk. And that he was the town's Dennis the Menace for his mischievousness and playing tricks on town's people. There was this one story they old me about Tatay pretending to be a dancing ghost which was pretty hilarious. We were all laughing crazily when my aunt mentioned what my Grandpa did when he found out about my Tatay's antics. They were good memories and I enjoyed hearing stories about him.

When we left Bicol, I was finally able to enjoy the vacation. I know, it's weird. When everything was all over I was glad that my mind's finally free from worries. I can now think of other things. This time we did take an aircon bus (Thank God!) with enough leg room and comfy seats. I dreaded the 12 hour ride but did not feel so bad about it anymore. For the first time, my mind fully opened up to the positive aspect of this so-called vacay. As the bus started our journey back to the city, I was enjoying the ride and the sight-seeing which really helped me relax. Nature has it's way in making you realize how awesome this planet we are living. It makes you appreciate all things around you and the greater power who created them. And in my head I started planning my vacation the next time I go back in Bicol. Let me show you the amazing sights I've seen along the way. I will be borrowing some pictures as I did not bring my camera with me during this trip. Bad me.

photo from

The majestic Mayon Volcano. It was our view for about 2-3 hrs though we cannot really see the tip because it was covered with clouds. Nevertheless, it was a sight to see. I promise I will be back and I would like to take my picture with the volcano as the background.

photo from

Lamon Bay and the Baywalk in Gumaca, Quezon. This was another cool part of the sight seeing. I'm not sure how long is the baywalk but I think it was a good 5-10 minute drive (or maybe longer) and we can still see the bay.

photo from

Railroads. When we reached Naga, I kept on seeing the railroads going the same direction as the bus. I was like where are these railroads leading to? Then I remember something. When I was in high school this was my mode of transportation. Cheap and fastest way to go to school. Also I have this uncle who likes taking the train going to Bicol. Then it hit me. The PNR's last Station was in Naga. That's why there were several railroads that we kept on passing by. Remember physics, Snell's law? The fastest way to go from point A to B is thru a straight line. Well the railroads going to Bicol are not exactly a straight line but it somehow shorter travel time compare with the bus ride. Hah. Additional info for my next Bicol road trip. I can't wait to be back. But next time I'll make sure Tapioca will join me.

Happy Halloween!


Young House Love

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hello there guys. I was on hiatus for some time and hasn't been blogging lately. I salute those people who can always keep their blogs updated. Anyway, what has been keeping me for blogging? Oh well, the answer is blog hopping. I think it's a great way to get some inspirations and keep my creative juices flowing. I was very happy to discover new and not so new blogs out there. And while blog hopping I stumbled upon this blog which I will be sharing on this post.

I can't believe I have almost forgotten this blog. It's actually one of the first blogs I love and adore back then when I was still starting my own site. The blog owners Sherry and John are certified DIY dorks (from their own words). The first time I hopped into their blog they were just a couple living in an old house. Their post are mostly on house improvements and DIY projects. Believe it or not even their own wedding was a DIY, too.

Two years after, since the last time I visited their blog, the couple has now moved in to their new home and are also proud parents to a baby girl named Clara. I was very surprise! In that span of time, I definitely missed a lot so I updated myself onto what's up with these guys. And then I read about Clara's birth story. At first, I was so happy knowing that Sherry was actually going to share the entire story (it was pretty long). Never did I expect nor image what the both of them went through. It was an incredible, terrifying, sad but happy ending story. Boy, I was in tears. It was tears of sadness and then happiness. I can't even imagine what it feels more to them. Giving birth was suppose to be a wonderful and beautiful thing. I have learned then that it's not always the case. What happened to them was a miracle and a blessing.

Check out Young House Love here and Clara's birth story here. Be warned, though. It's a pretty loooong and emotional story. I suggests get your napkins/tissue ready *wink*.


Little Nuh

Sunday, October 2, 2011

photo credit from

Meet Evita Nuh. She may seem like you're ordinary little girl from the neighborhood but ya know, looks can be deceiving. I think this is the only time I've seen her in a picture with a big smile (and I liked it). Anyway, this kid happens to be one of the most influential kid and teen blogger. Say what? Yep, you read it right. She has been featured in several fashion magazines worldwide and she's just 12 years old. This kid is surely blessed with awesome talent and she never fails to surprise me. If you read her blog you'll be blown away with her cool fashion style and she definitely has an eye for photography that is unbelievable for a 12-yr old. But to see is to believe. I have great respect for her and I consider myself a fan. Some people think she was rob of her childhood but I think otherwise. I think she's very happy with whatever she's doing and it shows on her craft. It's like she was born to be that way (sounds like the lady gaga song teehee!).

What's even more amazing? She has now started her own label called Little Nuh and most of the clothes are designed by no other than Evita herself. Galing talaga! *clap clap*

Go check out her website here

P.S. I'm loving the song playing on her site. It's very soothing and calming and nice to listen to kahit paulit-ulit pa. I told Tapioca to play that song to me if he's getting annoyed na from my tantrums or if I'm PMSing. I think it will help me calm down hahaha! Anyway, the song is called Quelqu'un m'a dit by Carla Bruni. It's part of the OST for 500 Days Of Summer. I-add na yan sa playlist.


Night Out At Elbow Room + Stackers Brekkie

Our team won the spelling bee competition which earned us a few thousand bucks to spend. And what better way to spend those moolah but to celebrate and have a night out... at the Elbow Room in Metrowalk Ortigas. Time to release the frustration thru videoke and some pool sesh hehehe.

Tapioca and I came out late. I doze off and almost forgot we had to be there by 8pm. We arrived past 11pm (Pa-VIP!!!). No more chibog but there were still some booze left. Here are the kodakan moments.

. . . da boyz

da gurlz . . .

. . . da songer

da drunken master . . .

. . . da billiard attendant

da gamblers . . .

. . . da team and the pluses

And what to do after a big night out? Eh di magmidnight-slash-early morning breakfast! Our search for a good breakfast place that's still open late Sunday night (or should I say early Monday morning) led us to Stackers. We have been to Stackers several times already (see here, here, here and a lot more that need not to blog dahil same-same lang naman order namin) but this was the first time we've sampled their breakfast offerings. The choices didn't entice me so I've decided to stick with my staple. Then I noticed the new items on their menu. They're now serving pasta and soup. Yay for the soup. Ako na, ako na ang adik sa soup hahahaha!!!!!

clam chowder . . .

. . . BBQ burger bowl

Now this is what Tapioca had for breakfast:

omelette sandwich . . .

And some extra stuffs:

. . . sad looking bacon

. . . sorry looking beef patty and slice bread

for the coffee - milk in a shot glass with a tiny spout, cute cute little thing . . .

Tapioca was not happy with his food. It's obvious on the picture how the food looked like they're in grief. Tapioca said he can taste the grit from the grill on the bacon and burger. As if they don't clean their grill at all. Yikes. He's that maselan and he can really tell I mean taste it.

The soup was okay. Why do I have this feeling that clam chowder soups are cream of mushroom soup in disguise? (LOL!) I know I might have sounded stupid with that statement and I'm fine with that. I mean this was the 2nd time I had clam chowder and it's hard to tell the difference until you dig in to the soup. Still I'm on a quest for the best clam chowder soup. Actually, I'm on a quest for the best soup ever! That's gonna be tough as I'm bias. I love soup especially if they're piping hot.

Click here to view more pics from the night out.


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