Brand New Year and A Brand New Layout

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Finally, a new lay out for my blog. I've been dreaming about this for a long time. It never happen until today. I couldn't really decide how I want my blog to look like. One thing's for sure I wanted something different from other blogs that I've seen before. But then I'm no HTML web page designer genius. I only know how to copy and paste pre-made themes from Blogger. So I gave up the idea of a unique page layout.

In my almost 4 years of blogging (and blog hopping), I realized that the websites I enjoyed the most have stunning photos, neat looking, less crowded with less ads (or no ads at all), and most importantly . . . text that are simple and easy to read.

And with these criteria in mind, I was able to select a theme that would work out for me. And you're now looking at my brand spanking new blog. I love it to bits. Clean and minimalist (i like this word) look. My fave part of this theme is the header which I can customize. If I feel the need to change the look of my blog I can just change the header picture and viola! I'm really liking this na but still I wanted to add more. But for now, I will take one step at a time to improve the look of my blog. So please bear with me.


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