Chicken Lollipop

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I gave it a try at home and was very satisfied with my family's reaction. They need not to tell me what they think of my cooking. By the way they fight over each pieces of the lollies, I knew it's a hit.

I fell in love with chicken lollipop from Red Ribbon not so long ago and was overjoyed to find a recipe from Connie of It's very easy to prepare except for the deep frying part. I hate hate hate doing that. Thank God my brother was around to do the annoying part :-P

They said it's easy to make the wing parts of chicken into a lollipop but why bother when you can get them done at supermarkets. I bought mine at SM Makati. A kilo is approximately 25-30 pieces.

First, I seasoned the lollies with some salt and pepper. Then marinated in milk for about an hour. The milk will make the chicken very tender when its cooked.

The recipe calls for cornmeal. Tried looking for that but not available at the mo. So the next best thing is corn flakes. Crushed it very finely, then mixed it with flour and some more salt and pepper... you will have the breading to dredge the lollies into then deep fry for few minutes. If you got the temperature right, these babies should be done in 3 minutes or less.

Ta dah!!!! Finished product. Super crispy on the outside yet still moist and soft on the inside. Yummy!!! Now, now, I want my lollies with some gravy but I don't know how to make that yet. Until I learn how to make gravy, let's make tiyaga muna with this instant gravy mix.

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