We Got Served!!!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

This was the 2nd time the gang went back to Serve in Araneta Center. Hephaestion has been hanging a lot here lately and he discovered a must try cocktail!

We found ourselves seated at the bar where all the actions happen. We watched as bartenders busily prepare drinks. It was fun to watch them as they mix different drinks with all the jiggling and juggling of the liquor bottles.

For the pulutan, we ordered the usual...

. . . pork sisig

hotdogs on sizzling plate . . .

There's nothing to rave about the food here. The pork sisig is so so and they used cheap hotdogs. Anyway we came here for the cocktails.

Here's Mr. bartender preparing our cocktails in a really tall glass.

Up next were the liqours. Four different types of them. Lookey, lookey, no measurements here, Mr. bartender just splashed them all in the glass.

Last add on, pineapple juice.

Here goes our cocktail for the night . . . sorry I forgot the name.

Yummy. This reminds me of illusion shaker we had at Cocomangas but this one had a stonger kick. Too much alcohol I guess. After a sip or two we hitted the dance floor. Par-tay time!

. . . jellybean, thirdy's mom and hephaestion

tapioca and jellybean . . .

Party's over. One last shot for a great night out. Pouty lips pose.

thirdy_smom  – (April 14, 2010 at 6:02 AM)  

ang taba ko sa last picture... huhuhuhu :( but that was one of my fave nights!

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