Friday, May 1, 2015

Today, as I wiped the poop off my baby girl's butt, I realized this is going to be the last time her poo would smell like this - not smelly nor stinky. Because tomorrow she will be six months old. Halfway to her first birthday.  Tomorrow we would introduce her to solid food. Another milestone for us. 

It was my dream to exclusively breastfeed for at least six months and I'm so glad to have done so. I must admit it was difficult (in the beginning) but Tapioca's encouragement helped me push through. 

Part of exclusive breastfeeding that I was aiming for means giving solid food not until she's 6 months old. Though our baby is already showing signs that she's ready to eat, it takes a lot of effort and discipline not to give in. 

I am happy, I have a good support system from my family most especially from my dear husband who understands and shares my beliefs and feelings on how we should take care and raise our child.

my happy baby . . .

Our little charmer. Always smiling and laughing. 

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