Surviving Sagada

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Here I am in the office. Still sleepy after the 6-hour ride from Sagada to Baguio and another 8 hours from Baguio to Manila. When we arrived in Cubao, I headed straight to work for my 4am shift. Quite exhausting. Whew!

I SURVIVED SAGADA!!! Though I'm not really the adventurous type (but I'm a nature lover) so being able to survived in sagada is quite an achievement for me. Hindi ko aakalain na magagawa kong magtrek for 3 straight days with matching spelunking. As of the moment, all my body parts are aching. I feel like going to the spa after this (As if I still have the money hehehe!)

After our cave activity, I said to myself I should get those shirts with I SURVIVED SAGADA. I mean, I deserve it!

The 3-day/3-night trip wasn't enought to see all the wonders of Sagada. Perhaps that would be another reason for me to come back.

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