My New Hair Do (and Tattoo?!?)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I got my very first (and probably my last) dreads when I was in Sagada. A Rasta friend did the thingamajigy at the bottom part of my on head. He said if I wanted to get rid of it, I just had to cut it off and it wouldn’t be noticeable. For some reason, I kept it for years. It was a memory of my getting out of my comfort zone and doing things I had never imagine . . . like getting a dread. And then I thought my next step is to get a belly button ring and and then a tattoo. But today I decided to chopped the dreads off cos it was too long already and my back itches if I forget to take it out of my shirt. In the end I eventually get tired of it.

. . . so long, my rat tail

Now, thinking about the belly button, if I get tired of the belly button piercing I can always take it out, but the tattoo? It’s another story. If I get one, it will be with me forever. No taking back. Thinking about it then, I wanted a tattoo just for the heck of it. Just like the dreads. Now I’m kinda worried. What if I get tired of the tattoo just like the dreads? Oh yeah I can have it removed but it will be more painful than getting one for the first time. And having it removed will create some discoloring or scaring of the skin.

This definitely needs a lot of time to think about. But for now I can be contented with henna tattoos or the more colorful and funny looking temporary tattoo art. Here we are trying out different designs.

colorful dragon . . .

. . . playful UFO

. . . alien-ator

If you would like to get a tattoo just like I do, I suggest to try these before choosing a real tattoo just for fun .And what's good about it is, it wouldn't hurt at all.

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