Anjee's Wedding Part 2

Sunday, January 25, 2009

December 27, 2008. It was a lovely day. All sunny but the breeze was cool. Rey and Anjee exchanged vows in front of their families, relatives and friends. The wedding ceremony went smoothly. Solemn and everything any couple could wish for. It was perfect. Thought the entire mass was in Ilocano we didn't mind at all.

The Grooms' Men and Bridesmaids very own photo shoot:

When everybody was full next came the programme and some more dancing. As I said these town people loves to dance. They never get tired of it. Even the senior citizens were game. The funny thing though was their song choices. It's very very limited and worse yet repetitive. The most repetitive songs ever were Brother Louie and Endless Love. One more thing, they have their own interpretation of song genre. To them, Brother Louie is rock or any other fast songs even if it's R&B or trance...its rock. Modern to them was the 10 years ago Backstreet Boys song. Fascinating, huh?

With all those partying and socializing, we finally realized how tired we were. Ivy's heading back to Manila. Unforch she can't come with us to Vigan. We spent our last night at Anjee's place charging our batteries for the next day adventure.

We woke up early in the morning because Anj will be touring us around the place. It was really nice seeing all those greens and the breath-taking view of the mountains. Very relaxing. Sometimes it's good to just stop, smell the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of nature. Pure and simple.

pathway leading to...


ang kambal bow...


Next stop was the hanging bridge. Oh my it sure was scary but didn't stop us for some photo op.

Vacation trip to a province will never be complete without visiting and taking a deep at a nearby river. Refreshing.

It's time to say goodbye and gave our best wishes to the newly weds. In behalf of this blog I would like to thank their families for the warm welcome and accommodating us. We appreciated it so much. Til our next trip to Cervantes.

Finally to Rey and Anj.. may you forever shower each other with kisses, hugs and most importantly love that will last for a lifetime.

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