Queen of Jollibee GC

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yesterday, the queen of Jollibee GC striked again. Yes, and its none other than Joshua himself! It was a rainy Thursday afternoon. No idea what and where to eat so it was Josh who decided to have takeouts from Jollibee. As usual it's going to be at his all time favorite food chain.

Here's the routine everytime Josh ordered from Jabee. He will take our orders and write it down on his handy-dandy notebook. He will call Jollibee delivery hotline and the order taking from the customer rep will lead to a nasty arguement making Joshua's day (as usual). After placing the order, we will wait for 30 mins for our food to be delivered. If they're late we will sure get to have 200 pesos worth of gift checks.

Alright, they're late (as usual). Expectedly we got 200 pesos GC. When Josh checked our orders, his food were missing. So the queen bee called Jollibee hotline again and made some more ranting about his order being left out. Of course that means another gift check. And surely he got it after talking to numerous supervisors and blah blah blah! His tagline : "Hindi ako titigil hangga't hindi nalulugi ang Jollibee!!! " Yeah, right.

Now this 400 GC was spent for desserts. Yipeeeeee! Good job Josh. *Cheers* for more GC's to come. LOL!!!

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