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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Flip flops have become the most common and widely used footwear for years. Not only they're comfy, they also give so much freedom while walking. They're used to be cheap too. But as time goes by these footwear evolves from being simply tsinelas to flip flops to the expensive crocs and the likes. Even Gucci has their own flip flops lines and I'm not going further than that.

So what's my point? Actually, I don't have any. I'm just wondering what's all the hype with all those expensive flip flops/sandals? What's so special about them that people are actually patronizing or wanting to get every pair of it? Do I really need to buy myself one of those so I'll know what it's like wearing them? My curiosity got the best of me. To end this wondering I finally gave in. I just bought a pair of sidewalk surfer from Sanuk. And this is what they had to say...

These are not shoes. They're sandals. Sidewalk Surfers from Sanuk. The sandal revolution continues! Featuring a shoe upper on a sandal bottom, Sidewalk Surfers combine the year-round style and protection of a shoe with the natural comfort of a sandal. Sanuk likes to call this Barefoot Un-Technology. This sandal-shoe hybrid allows your foot to bend and flex the way nature designed you to walk. The loose upper allows your foot to spread so it can absorb shock naturally. This strengthens the small muscles which support your arch and encourages you to walk correctly. Sanuk is sorry to say that there are no strings, coils, pumps or airbags, but after walking naturally you won't want to wear anything else

Sanuk, whick means "happy" in Thai, was started by a Southern California surfer with a whacked out taste in footwear. His goal was to design unique sandals that would survive jungle treks looking for surf or just keep you smilin' and stylin' at your local beach break.

Sanuk Sidewalk Surfers are sandal lowers with a decontructed shoe type of an upper. What is unique is that Sanuk has a patent applied technique for attaching the upper to the lower in such a way that none of the components of a shoe are used: no shanks, stitch boards or other inhibitors of walking naturally. The outcome is a piece of footwear that mimicks the natural function of the foot. Sanuk calls it "Barefoot Untechnology".

The loose upper allows your foot to spread so that it can absorb shock naturally. This encourages you to walk correctly. The shape of the sandal/shoe bottom is key as well: unlike many shoes which slant your body forwards, Sanuk's flat bottomed Surfers allow your posture to remain naturally erect. The outcome is what some people think these hyrids may be the most comfortable footwear product available.

... but then again, what do they know? They're just a bunch of surfers in sandals.

... my very own pair of Sanuk side walk surfer

Verdict: It feels good and looks good on my feet but nothing beats my good ol' tsinelas.

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