Choto Stop and Shinjuku at Little Tokyo

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Way back in my high school days, I always passed by Little Tokyo on my way to school. I though it was just some place where people from Japan goes to. Just like Chinatown in Ongpin. Nothing really hit my fancy. Oh well, back then I'm more interested in pop culture (Hanson brothers and the likes) than anything else. But now, it's like all the foodie bloggers know that place existed.

First time I set foot here was the day I accompanied Tapioca to a bank near Greenbelt. Since Little Tokyo was just a few blocks away, I convinced him to check out the place. The first store that made us all smiley was Shinjuku Ramen House. We've been craving for ramen but too bad I have a shift that day so we just ordered take outs from Choto Stop.

Choto stop is a mini grocery selling Japanese goods. If you're a fan of everything Japanese this place is for you. Prices are expensive. Of course they're imported. Take a look at these photos...

...cup noodles selection

sorry, dunno what these are but hey they look so interesting...

...more more Japanese goodies

And our take outs...

...beef cubes steak bento box

We just love how soft and tender the beef cubes are. Not to mention very very tasty.

I told Vanjee my discovery and knowing her who's into Japanese cuisine because of Japanese drama series, she delightfully agreed to go to Shinjuku with me.

California maki...


Manten ramen...

We enjoyed everything that we ordered except for the gyoza. Nothing really special. The ramen was really good though I would want my ramen with clear broth. I'm not a fan of mayo but despite the mayo on top of the maki I still enjoyed it. Probably one of the best maki I've ever tasted.

On my first and second visit, it always ended happily because of this...

...vanilla waffle ice cream

Yummy waffle ice cream. I like how creamy the ice cream inside and it has the right amount of sweetness. The waffle complimented the ice cream nicely. It doesn't break when you take a bite so it's not messy to eat. By the way, its a Lotte product. And I thought Lotte products were from Korea. Haha.

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