The Lady Gaga Experience

Saturday, August 15, 2009

When I saw her name on top of the charts, I was like "Gaga who?". Now look who's making waves in the POP industry.

Anyway, we were excited when we heard she's visiting Manila for a one-night concert only. But when we saw the ticket prices we were like "Is that for real?". It's uber expensive. Still, somehow Vanjee was able to encourage me to watch it. Yeah her turn for convincing me. After our lunch at Little Tokyo, we headed to SM to buy our tickets. And man oh man, the fact that tickets were very expensive, still they were selling like pancakes.

We've seen the edgy way she performed before. From the out-of-this-world outfits to the crazy make ups and hair dos and the props and the dance steps. Whoa! We were so looking forward to the Lady Gaga experience. I had never seen Araneta Coliseun so fully packed even way up to the bleachers. Its was amazing.

Vanj and I never bothered to watch nor listen to the opening act so don't ask me who they were. Sure enough we didn't have to wait long to see her. When Lady Gaga's face flashed on all the screens inside Araneta Coliseum, the crowd went wild with all the shrieks and scream of excitement. By the time she stepped onstage to open the set with Paparazzi everyone got even wilder. It felt like her concert was turned into a full-blown house party. Every one's up on their feet dancing and singing with her.

She definitely wowed the crowd with her gaga performance. She's a total performer not only in singing but dancing as well. Not to forget her eccentric outfits. Vanj and I can't help but be awed with her outfits and props. Can't remember how many times she changed costumes. It was a lot. And I mean a LOT!!! My favorite was the bubble dress. Yes, they're bubbles and it looked like she's naked. Also, her glass piano was present at the concert. Thought the piano was pink but heck its just the pink lighting that made it look like pink.

Lady Gaga proved how gaga she really was with all the stints and witty talks in between songs. On stage you will see her arranging the hem lines of her panty. She's so not embarrassed about it. She also tried lifting up her legs over the keys of the piano as she played the acoustic version of Poker Face. Very impressive. It showed how good she is playing the piano with her hands and with her feet as well. Hehe.

In between songs, Lady Gaga told stories about her Pinoy best friend, growing up penniless but pretending to be rich and famous in New York, and shooting down a reporter who ask if she was a hermaphrodite. Did you know what her answer was? She said "Yes I do and it’s much bigger than yours." LOL. She also confessed crying 6 times throughout the show. We were confused and wondered why she cried. But after the show, we heard about what she twitted and figured. This is what it said on her twit: " just headlined my first arena ALONE, after opening for years. thank you manila, never forget u. luv my fans so much, u r the reason im here.”"

Her concert was a sure hit and her electrifying performance surely blown her fans and audience away! Sold-out and just an hour long concert. Super bitin. Oh well, it's her first concert. I guess we can expect more when she makes new songs and more albums in the future.

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