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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Three days after the adjustment of my braces, I braved the challenges of being a food critique for the UTT (Ultimate Taste Test) 3.0 held at Ballet Philippines in The Fort, Taguig City. We were very fortunate to be part of the biggest taste test event this year organized by Anton of Our Awesome Planet. Tapioca and I were lucky enough and made it to the 300 guests list. Thanks to Anton and his wife Rache for the invite. We sure had an awesome time tasting whatever we can consume until our taste buds can no longer handle it.

FYI , there were only 30 food suppliers who joined the event and about 260+ types of food to try ranging from appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks.

We started off with the home made ham from C. Cravings. The ham was paired with some rolls. There’s nothing special about the ham and it could have been better if they used fresh rolls.

Then we had these from Divine desserts. I say their desserts were worth calling divine cos it’s truly divine. For a non-caramel lover like me, I was amaze after tasting their caramel crunch cake. Not to sweet and the cake was very moist. We loved it. Their chocolate cake was a hit, too.

Next were the canapés from the Canapés Chef. I liked the taco flavor, the one topped with cheese, and disliked the one with mangoes. My taste buds can’t comprehend the spices they added to it.

Mr. Food Critique busily writing his comments.

...lechon, lechon and another Lechon.

There were 3 food suppliers for lechon and we just got to vote for the one we liked most. Out of the 3, the one with the fugly looking booth and no sauce to dip their lechon with, knocked us out. It’s none other than Ulcing’s Cebu Lechon(Letter A). Their lechon was succulent with flavors. Definitely no need for sauce. Highly recommended. Letter B (Sabroso) and C (Leonardo's Lechon) fell short of the taste required for lechon and that's probably why you need to add some sauce on it.

More more food to taste. . .

1. Dulcelli's choco mallow fluff – I think it's too sweet.

2. Cookie Monster Cheesecake from Symphony of Flavors – super rich because of the cookie and cheesecake combo but I can hardly distinguished the cookie from the cake. Anyway, substituting a cookie as a cheesecake base was a nice idea.

3. Cheesecake from Sugarhouse – The usual cheesecake but we though they got the appropriate portion for food sampling, small enough so we can still make room for other food.

4. Original cream puff and crushed almond cream puff from Happy Cream Puff – these were good. Not to sweet unlike cream puffs from Beard Papa.

5. Dulcelin's cannelloni – I'm not sure if cannelloni was supposed to taste like it was but I did not like it and I thought it was bad.

6. Belly roast beef from Dulcelin's – soft and very flavorful.

7. Lola's chicken relleno also from Dulcelin's - nothing special. Though we never knew we were eating chicken pala.

8. Dulcelli's avocado sansrival - it was soggy because it was hot that day but still this dessert stands out. This made me say wow. Ingenious. Incorporating the avocado flavor to this desserts made it more yummy.

9) Wagyu tri-tip - a bit oily but super delish.

Sawrap by Minnie Puno - true to its name definitely sarap yet healthy.

3 different flavors of home made savoury meat by Tina Raines. Beef and mushroom pie, bacon potato pie and callos. They looked unappetizing cos they're in sampling portions. These were just okay for me but Tapioca said these were one of the best meat pies he ever had.

That was a lot of food and we were so full we weren’t able to try all 260+ foods/drinks. Now, another thrilling thing happened on this event was being able to see in person the bloggers I follow like Spanky of Manila Boy, Ivan of About Town, and Fran of FrannyWanny. I was really star-strucked seeing them and too shy to approach anyone of them.

Before we left, we were given these freebies.

We had fun tasting all those food but after some time I thought our taste buds got confused and all. Hahahaha. This was some kind of experience for foodies indeed.

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