Buffalo Wings ‘n Things and Jalapeno

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We’re going to have take outs from Buffalo Wings ‘n Things and Jalapeno Mexican Cantina for tonight’s dinner. While waiting for our orders at Jalapeno, Tapioca and I hanged out at the bar and watched the bartender prepare drinks. He ordered a San Mig Light and I had a Mojito.

The bartender was very nice. When we asked him what kind of drink he’s preparing, he would reply then gave us a free shot to try. I think I got 3 shots of different Mojitos for free. *wide grin*

Then I spotted something on the shelf where the liquors are displayed. Lookey, lookey… Patron tequila, one of the most high end (read: expensive) tequila.

We got home a little tipsy from the free shots then eat our take outs while watching How I Met Your Mother.

Chili cheese fries from Buffalo Wings ‘n Things. This was kinda sad. Serving size was small for its price.

Another sad looking dish from BWnT. Buffalo wing in barbecue sauce. The last time we had buffalo wings from them, they were huge unlike this one on the photo. I wonder what happened. Good thing we ordered other stuffs from Jalapeno and they did not turn us down.

Burrito – It was huge definitely worth every peso. And its full of rice, meat, beans and everything its supposed to go with. Tapioca had a great time eating this.

Quesadillas – This was also huge. I’m not sure what to get at Jalapeno so Tapioca order this one for me. I so loved it. Soft tortilla, lots of cheese and soft beef pieces. And I can’t get enough of their sour cream. The best I’ve tried so far.

I was all worried whenever trying out Mexican food based on my previous experiences but with Jalapeno around I'm back to my food loving adventure and would definitely be back to try more of what they offer. As for BWnT, I'd say they still worth the second chance.

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