MTICS 2K2 Christmas Party at Dampa Farmers

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December once again and the gang of MTICS 2K2 held another get together/Christmas Party at Dampa Farmers. It's our 10th year anniversary of being together ever since college days and we were so glad because inspite of everything that happened, good or bad, the MTICS family is still here and kicking asses. Hahaha!! Well, not everyone was able to attend but at least most of us tried to get there just so we can spend some time catching up with each and everybody's lives. Even those of our classmates who are out of the country were present via video conference. Thanks to the power of internet.

... the early birds

We celebrated the party in a place that offers fresh produce from the market so it's just fitting we feasted on seafoods. Yay!

buttered shrimps ...

... sinigang sa miso, maya-maya

baked tahong ...

... calamares

king and queen of videoke, can never be part from the microphone :-) ...

All the food we ordered above including rice and drinks cost us around two thousand pesos! It was pretty cheap. But we have to leave the place after 11pm so we need to change venue and continued the party somewhere else. It was a Saturday night so the entire place was packed with party goers. We ended at Elbow Room in Ortigas. My camera's battery died so no more photo ops. I tried using my phone's camera but the lighting was so bad it can hardly capture anything but the light coming from the flash :-(

Over all, it was fun-filled party and hopefully this tradition continues for as long as we live. Amen.

P.S. Click here to view more pics from the party.

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