Celebration 2 Times

Monday, December 21, 2009

Yesterday, we welcomed baby Rhian to the Christian world as she was baptized at St. Michael's Church in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. And it also fell on the day of my birthday thus a double celebration.

Traffic this time of the year was so bad. Tapioca and I missed the ceremony at the church so we ended up at the reception, in Anjee's place for lunch.

(from L-R) Sherwin, Ivy, Anjee with Rhian, Gen and Jellybean

Ninang Vanjee and Mara were present, too.

This is Mara's girl. Her name is Alyna.The last time I saw her, she was just a new born baby but look at her now, all grown up at 4 yrs old :-)

After lunch, Tapioca and I went to my place for a very simple birthday celebration with my family. It was actually his first time to meet them. As my birthday cake, I had a blueberry cheese cake from Conti's

and pancit malabon for long life.

On my day, I decided it's about time my parents meet Tapioca. We've been going out for months and I believe it's the best time for them to meet him. The first person Tapioca met was my father. He was sitting on the wheel chair, watching TV when we came in. My father was all smile and for some reason he was able to talk and we were able to understand most of his words. My father had a stroke 2 years ago and half of his body got affected as well as his speech. So for us to be able to understand a bit of what he was saying was amazing. Then he met my brother and sister-in-law and lastly my mother. They seemed to be pretty okay but when Tapioca's out of sight they would ask questions, silly questions and would make fun of me (especially my brother). They all thought we're bagay because of our chinky eyes :-)

Now, now as for the most funniest comment, they all thought Tapica was my gay officemate!!! It's because of the way he was dress and the way he talk, they said it was so gay. Oh well, even at the office they too had an impression he's gay. I'm not sure if it's suppose to be a compliment or what but truth is... he is so NOT gay. Take my word for it. LOL!

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