Ju(i)cy Lucy - First Attempt

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Inspired from the TV show Man VS Food, we tried to make our own Ju(i)cy Lucy at home. This kind of burger was introduced in Minnesota by two different establishments who claim to have it invented. I suggest to Wiki it or better yet watch the show to learn more and be inspired like us.

These were the spices we added to the patties.

we've used american cheese to be put in between the patties for that gooey molten cheese core of the burger

then these babies were pan-fried using butter . . .

. . . and this was our dinner. we had fries too topped with the remaining american cheese

Now, now the burger was not what we were expecting. We were actually expecting the hot gooey cheese oozing out of the burger when you take a bite but that didn't happen. Here's the cross section with a little bit of cheese. The cheese did melt but we were expecting more.

the cross section . . .

After the unsuccessful attempt, I tried researching on how to achive that juicy cheesey lava in between the patties and certainly we missed one thing. We forgot to prick the top of the burger to allow the steam to escape. Hmmmm so that's why. We knew better now so I hope we make it right next time for we don't have any plans to go to Minnesota anytime soon. :-)

To make it up with our failure, here's my very first Ben & Jerry's. When I saw this in one of the fridge in Shopwise one thing popped into my head. It's Penny from the Big Bang Theory show.

Since it's my first Ben & Jerry's I got the neapolitan dynamite because it has 2 flavors. The cherry garcia and choco fudge. We'll I'm a cherry person so the cherry garcia won me over. But I'm still partial to Häagen-Dazs. Soweee.

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