Nanay's 70th Birthday

Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's my mother's birthday and as promised I bought her a cake from Red Ribbon. She just loves their cake. When I got home she was overjoyed when she saw me carrying a huge box of cake. She thought I was kidding. Me was like "of course not!"

. . . Smile. My nanay doesn't look like she's in her 70s na. Uyyyy nambola pa hekhekhek!!!

And her smile got even wider when we lit up the candles and sang her the birthday song. Gosh, should I know she would react this way I should have given her a cake with her picture on it. That would be even nicer, don't you think? But she was very much please with this cake anyway. At least next year I have an idea on how to surprise her. Hahaha!

make a wish before you blow the candles . . .

And her wish . . . more birthdays to come!!! We couldn't agree more. As you know, when you reach that age you should be really thankful and ask for a healthier you so you'll be able to celebrate more birthdays. Amen!

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