HGSL Kick Off Party 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

After years of not being able to attend (which I never regret until now) the annual HGSL Kick Off Party with the usually glam (bleh!) theme at a glam (bleh!) venue, I finally was able to convince myself to go. Thanks to Tapioca. Since the presence of their entire team is required, I was compelled to be there, too. Vintage is the theme for this year. Just so you know I am so not willing to spend and buy a new dress for this event. So unto the last minute I was glad I thought of the dress Tapioca and I bought at a bazaar in Eastwood. I was suppose to wear it at Jesselyn's wedding last year but because of Typhoon Ondoy that hit Manila the same date of her wedding, I failed to attend it and the dress got buried in my closet.

Outfit details. From top to bottom all by Dansen except from the necktie by Armando Caruso. All from SM Department Store.

Cocktail dress from Eastwood bazaar, shoes from VNC and accessories from SM Department Store.

Uhm I like the dress but . . . I hate my bod. I looked like I'm pregnant and I haven't eaten yet! Someone even asked how far along I am in my pregnancy. Excuse me?!?! I swear this is going to be the last time I will wear this dress until I get rid of my muffin top. Such an embarrassment. And puh-lease don't get me started with the party. It's the worst party ever. Don't be fooled with all the smiles you see in the pictures. It's all for the camera only. I apologized for all the negativity in this post. Will try to post something happy next time.

Click here to see more pictures from the kick off.

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