Bonding Time With The Girls

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Without any reason to celebrate we had setup a potluck sesh at Anjee's place with all the girls. We haven't seen each other in a while and perfect timing that everyone was available over the weekend. And Anjee on the other hand is expecting her 2nd baby (another baby girl) and was on leave for weeks. How I missed them so much. We chatted, and laugh and shared stories for hours.

Vanjee brought this pansit bihon overloaded with cholesterol-laden chicharon.

The pansit looks invisible because of the generous toppings of chicharon

home cooked spaghetti topped with cheese - from anjee

Vanjee, Anjee, Jellybean and Anjee's agar-agar salad

We were surprised with the salad. We thought it was buko salad until she revealed the secret. She said agar-agar is variety of gelatin they use in Ilocos. The gelatin once cooked was then sliced into strips making them looked like shredded coconut meat.

That's still us and beside me is baby Rhian, Anjee's first born. On this photo you can see now my share - a big bilao of puto BiƱan.

Rhian is a big girl now. She is adorable and she is getting prettier.

The puto was paired with dinuguan by Ivy (she's our photographer that's why she's not in any of the pics). The dinuguan had a lighter color than the usual because of the coconut cream. I love this dinuguan. This is also the same way my Tatay cooks it. With coconut cream and pig intestine. As I type this I am now craving for puto at dinuguan.

I tell ya, a day is not enough to finish all the chikahan. Hated to say goodbye but we still have work the following day. We went home late (except Anj who's already at her house, of course). That's what happen when you never ran out of things to talk about. Until the next meet up, girls.

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