Hanson Shout It Out Tour Philippines 2012

Monday, November 21, 2011

OMG. I just got a text message from Ivy saying that Hanson will be coming back to Manila for a concert. And as of today it's confirmed. Dayly Entertainment and HNet made it official. It's all over the net. I'm so glad that the tickets are amazingly cheap. I don't really have a budget for this thing. Funny I even say that. Back then I always have a Hanson fund which I dare not touch (but not anymore). Tapioca and I have already made plans for an out of the country trip and this came all of a sudden so technically this is out of our budget. But my guy loves me so much he lets me get what I want. ***hugs and kises*** I also wanted to fly to Cebu and watch the 2nd show. Okay, I'm asking too much already. Certainly Tapioca won't allow that to happen. I love these guys longer than I love Tapioca. Now things have change I love Tapioca more than I love Hanson. But still they will always be a part of me. I can still talk about them with giddy and talk non stop like I'm doing now. It's a fan thing ya know. It makes me feel like I'm back to my teen years all over again. I thought last their concert 6 yrs ago was the last time I'm gonna see them in our country. But a miracle has come and they're coming back. Peace love and bulletproof marshmallow. Hanson fans unite!!!

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