Isla Boracay - Part 3

Saturday, November 15, 2008

After the late lunch, we headed back to our room to get some sleep. Satisfied with our superb lunch we slept til 9pm. Just in time for some late dinner and for partying. We got a tip from Jorge (the guy from Sunny Fun Tours) that party time starts at 10pm. He informed us all the party places to visit. He also reminded us not to stay up too late cos we still have to wake up early for the fun tour the next day. Yeah right.

And the place to be that night was...Cocomangas. Yooohooo!!! As per Jo's recommendation we should check out this bar and look for Chico, the super hottie guy who owns the place. Alright, Chico the sight to see :-)

Cocomanagas was still empty when we arrived so we chose to have dinner first. I was craving for some tacos and remembered Jo mentioning this really nice Mexican resto called Mañana. We were so hungry (again) that we almost gave up looking for it. On our way we found this lovely sand castle. We tried to take some pictures but was told that a donation of whatever amount is needed.

And Mañana was spotted. Upon looking at their menu, I've noticed how extensive it was. So many good stuffs to try so little money. It's really hard to decide what to order. I told the wait staff we'll have tacos first and if we're still hungry we'll order another dish. However, the wait staff said they're taking in the last order for the night. Awww! Here's our order:


...chicken tostada? tostadillas? wuteva!!! sorry, but this dish is forgettable

The tacos was great. They served it with 4 different sauces but I think they tasted good without them. As for the tostada/tostadillas, it was a sad, sad, sad dish. It may look good on the pic but not on my taste buds. I can barely tastes the chicken or should I say I didn't tastes any chicken at all. Worst of all its stale (in my opinion I guess). I asked Josh to try them for me but he said it's good. He even finished his share so it means he liked it. Oh well, I don't know if it's just me or probably they served us the not so fresh ingredients.

If only I haven't heard much raves about this place but considering that we dine here almost closing time perhaps I'll give it a second chance. Just a tip, if you're planning to eat here. Be there by breakfast or lunchtime to make sure you'll get the freshest of the fresh ingredients.

Back to Cocomangas, the place was packed mostly with Koreans (they're everywhere!). Talk about Korean colonization in Boracay hehe. Anyway, this sign welcomed us...

Yeah an entrace fee and it's not even consumable. Tsk tsk. Inside we managed to get a seat at the farthest end of the place near the bar because that's the only place available. We checked out the bar but Chico wasn't there. Instead we saw this middle aged foreigner. His father maybe? We so wanted to get drunk that night so we shied away from beer and ordered their famous Illusion Shaker. It's a combination of vodka, triple sec, blue curacao and pineapple juice. A perfect mix to get wasted haha!

It's like your usual cocktail. Fruity with a little kick. After finishing the entire jar we were like "That's it? Wala namang effect."Hence, a refill! This time we spotted Chico. We figured Cocomangas has 2 bars and Chico was at the bar near the entrance. So off we went to the second bar and chatted a bit with him. He was nice enough to have his picture taken. Take a look...

Please people forget my very white face. That's because of the flash but sheeshhh, isn't he a Wentworth Miller look-a-likey? Only in tan color. And he is way way better looking in person than this pic :-)

Josh was curious with these...


a little closer...

Now, now we finally figured these out when we got back to Manila. It's actually the hall of fame for "Still Standing After 15". And we missed this one. Shucks. So to explain further what it's all about here's a description from Cocomangas website: Cocomangas has a shooter list of 15 mixed shots, poured before you. If you are still standing after 15, you will have your name engrave on the wall of fame and win a Cocomangas T-shirt.

We were about to finish our 2nd jar of illusion shaker when I started to feel the alcohol kick getting into me. Already then, time to go back to our place. Seriously, I got so drunk that I threw up twice. Ewwwww talaga! Next thing I knew I was hitting the bed and passed out.

The next day was spent island hopping and snorkeling. We were so excited about it that we didn't finish breakfast. To save money we joined Sunny Fun Tours. For 600 pesos you will enjoy whole day of island hopping, snorkeling with gears and buffet lunch. The fun tour started at 10:30am. There were 24 of us on a huge trigger boat. First stop was at a snorkeling spot which I forgot the name.

I noticed there were several diving boats in the area so it could mean it's a diving site as well. Somehow I was wishing I am diving instead of snorkeling. But then with all those boats around it can be really really scary if you shoot up without any warning. That's why safety diving practices are very important. On the second thought maybe I'm better off snorkeling than diving :-)

Next stop was Crystal Cave. You will have to pay 150 pesos if you wanted to get inside to explore the caves. There are 2 caves you can visit for some photo ops.

way to cave 1...

...stairs to get inside cave 1

You will need to trek a bit going to the next cave but it's not really that tough because of the paved ways and of course you will enjoy the sight of the ocean from above...

paved way...

the sight from above...

some serious spelunking here...

...and you will get to see this

After the spelunking activity off we went to another island for the lunch buffet. Lunch was superb. Everyone was hungry. I completely forgot to take pictures of the food. Anyway, the buffet consisted of chicken and pork barbecue, shrimps, chopsuey, green shells, grilled fish, squid, fruits and soft drinks of your choice. Water refill was free here so we took advantage of this by bringing 2 empty bottles of mineral water. I'm telling you guys once more. Soft drinks and drinking water in Boracay is highway robbery so if you can bring them with you do so.

Next stop was to another snorkeling site. Again, I forgot the name of the site. We missed Crocodile island because of strong current that time. Last stop was in Pucca Beach. Though it didn't have the oh-so white and fine sands like in White Beach it was still a lovely beach. I liked the feel of having the beach all to ourselves. Nicey! Pucca beach is famous for its pucca shells, the only place where you can get them. Natives made these shells into bracelets, anklets and necklaces. Upon docking here, our camera finally gave up on us :-( We had to use Josh's phone so we can still get some pics. And as of writing this, Josh's phone got broken and all our pictures gone. Sadness.

We got back to our resort at past 5pm. I so wanted to get a glimpse of the sunset but we missed it. Tired from the fun tour we just decided to freshen up and take an early dinner at Jonah's.

jonah's famous milkshake... quattro stagioni with parma ham (not sure if i got it right)

beef pepper steak...

First of all, let me just say that this is the best milkshake I've ever had. I tried doing this at home but I can't seem to make it as thick and super yummy like Jonah's. It's around 100+php but the serving was big so it's so worth it. I love my pizza in super thin crust so I can savor the flavors of all the toppings and here in Jonah's they make perfect thin crust pizza. It's so thin like cracker but still chewy. As for the toppings it's laden generously with cheese and parma ham. I likey! Josh enjoyed his pepper steak, too. I tried to taste it and it's delish. After dinner we went back to Cocomangas to celebrate our last night in Borocay.

The next morning we spent buying pasalubong and getting a henna tattoo. Sorry but no more pictures to show off. Okay peeps I know tinatamad na kayong magbasa at tinatamad na rin me magkwento. Basta, over all we had a blast and I'm definitely going back. Till next time Boracay!

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