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Monday, July 23, 2012

Coco beach had this unconventional way of taking care of their guests thru the Service Family. The Service Family lives somewhere near the guests cottages and if you needed their help, you can just holler from the balcony or pull the string. Well, we're civilized people and shouting even on top of the hill isn't our thing. Buti na lang there's another option. The service family showed us how to use it.

. . . see that string in the middle? that's their bell system.

We'd better make sure that the bell rings once we pull that cord para they know we needed assistance. When lunch time arrived, Tapioca was hungry again. I was still full from the rice meal we had from Mini Stop but didn't want to miss out the food. We decided to try out room service from the Carabao Restaurant. Our service family gave us the menu and we wrote our orders. In no time, our food arrived. Freshly cooked and covered in cling wrap(?). Well, we're living in the jungle and something might fall somewhere and landed on the food, that's why.

lunch at the balcony . . .

I love room service. See how happy I am? Now the food . . .

. . . soup of the day

I'm not exactly sure what this soup was called but it has lots of chicken bits and celery, my favorite soup components. And instead of cream they used coconut milk. I'm not really fond of coconut milk (and so does Tapioca) as I grew up with parents who ate anything and everything with coconut milk. I guess I got tired of it. But this soup somehow made an exception. There was no umay factor and the coconut milk went well with the rest of the ingredients.

 tuna sisig . . .

  . . . tokwa't baboy

Tapioca is very particular with tokwa't baboy and sisig as these were just a few of his favorite dishes. Fortunately, both dishes passed his standards.

salad elise surprise . . .

I ordered this salad because I got so intrigued by the description on the menu. It says it's a chef's special. So special the chef will decide what goes into the salad and surprise you. Indeed I was. Serving was generous. It didn't have any dressing. Not sure if the chef forgot or it's part of the surpirse. Anyhow, the salad was bursting with flavors and it had this wonderful textures from all the ingredients. I don't think a dressing is still needed. It has fresh greens, toasted bread, bacons, tapa bits, canned asparagus and stuff I'm not so sure. Over all, it was good.

. . . watermelon shake

The freshest and yummiest watermelon shake I'd ever have. Not too sweet. Kinda like there's no syrup or sugar added. Still it's sweet enough but the sweetness tasted like it all came from the watermelon itself. I believe that is what all fruit shake should be - using fruits that are sweet and the taste should not rely from the added sugar, syrup or any artificial sweeteners.

After all those food, Tapioca and I admired the beauty around us. Then it's siesta time. Later will be happy hour. Buy one cocktail get one free. I set my alarm and we took the much needed Zzz.

Carabao Restaurant's bar . . .

We slept so well we didn't want to wake up for the happy hour. Luckily when we decided to get up, we're still able to catch the last minutes of happy hour. Tapioca ordered Kamikaze while I had the Mango Daiquiri. We requested to have our drinks delivered at the pool area. Alas, the pool area was crowded and all sun beds occupied. We checked out the beach area and there was not much people around. We hung out a bit at the pool area and when our drinks arrive, we transferred to the beach.

. . . cocktails, the beach and the sundown

I love their fruit shakes but their cocktail was the opposite. It was terrible. So terrible and not enjoyable. It was spiked up with too much alcohol that you can't have a single sip without making a sour face. I hardly finished my first glass so the free cocktail went to waste :-(

Coco Beach didn't have a really nice beach. It was very rocky. Buti na lang they have swimming pools. During low tide, the shore even gets more rocky. Still, for folks like us who haven't been to the beach for quite a while now, our feet welcomed the rocky sands. The warm water of the sea was very inviting. We took a dip for a few minutes before the sun sets. Then we transferred back to the pool. This time it was less crowded so we were able to enjoy ourselves.

The pool was heated. Me likey. I can stay on the pool for hours but we have to get ready for the dinner party. Tapioca and I signed up for the Garden Fiesta Party. We'll be having roast pig for dinner. Yay. No time to hike back up to our cottage we dried ourselves and headed to the garden.

Proud Home Owner  – (February 21, 2014 at 5:03 PM)  

Hi, would you remember what the price range is for the food at the resto in Coco Beach? Thanks.

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