The Coco Beach Experience

Friday, July 20, 2012

Upon arrival, we were welcome with a lively song from the staff.  They draped shell lei around our necks and gave us coconut juice as welcome drinks.

We booked a hilltop suite by Tapioca's suggestion based on his previous visit. It's a little cottage setup along the hills with a great view of the sea. I double checked with him and made sure he wanted that room. It may have a spectacular view but I'm not sure if he has the energy to go all the way up and down during our stay. He said he was absolutely sure about it. When he saw the notes on our reservation about getting the highest room possible that's when he started complaining. The complain never stopped even while we were being led to our room by the service family assigned to us.

The room given to us was Suite #80. Good thing the service family explained that it was actually located at the lowest part of all the hilltop rooms. The highest would be Suite#85. Upon learning that, Tapioca finally stop complaining while I, got a little disappointed. Despite the tiring trek all the way up I still wanted Suite #85. Yeah, I'm crazy like that and I wanted to give Tapioca what he's asking for. LOL.

. . . inside our room

The service family showed us the room.  There was a queen-size bed and on top was two complimentary bottled water and bath towels all setup nicely. Aside from the bath towels, we were also provided two beach towels. The bed was not the best bed but it's comfy enough. There's also a  decent dresser. On the right side, there's a closet and a safety deposit box. To the left, there was this lovely window seat with cushion and a pillow. It's a pretty little nook for reading books or just chilling out and watching the view outside. O cya, magpictorial daw ako so you see how nice it was . . .

The perfect spot and so am I  (I kid. Yeah I'm a kid hahahaha!).

And the bathroom . . .

a peek inside the bathroom . . .

I love the bathroom especially the his and her wash basins with wooden drawer! And the separate shower stall. Did I tell you it was spacious, functional and most importantly, very clean? Actually, the entire room was immaculate. I also love the wooden floor. The flooring was so clean it squeaks whenever we walk around the room. The native design and the natural materials used in the room as well as the furniture gave it a cozy and homey feel. I'm happy to report that the pictures on their website did not deceive.

. . . Suite #85

You see that roof in the top middle? That's Suite#85. Our room was about 170+ steps from the ground. I'm guessing Suite #85 has more than 200 steps. I was trying to convince Tapioca to see the view from that room hoping he'd change his mind and perhaps he agrees to change rooms, too. Oh well, he had enough trekking already and the idea failed.

anito keychain . . .

This keychain isn't just any ordinary wooden keychain that you usually get (or give) as souveniers. It has a purpose. Our cottage gets powered by inserting the anito into the wooden slot.

. . . see? it fits!

Now we can turn on the lights, the electric fan and the water heater in the shower. Yes, you read it right. No aircon, no TV. Even hair dryer is not allowed since the power supply in the island is limited. At first, I though the room was price unreasonably knowing there's no aircon and TV. Then I realized we are actually paying for the view.

Anyway we love our privy little cottage very much. They do have rooms with aircon and TV but they are located at the ground level. Tapioca and I thought we can always have aircon and tv back in the city. This is what we're after and our favorite part of the suite  . . .

. . .  no, I'm not talking about Tapioca!

Oops! Wrong picture. I know he's lovable but . . . Let's try it again, shall we?

 . . . the balcony

There! At least hindi na maciado naka-focus si Tapioca LOL. Aside from the bed, this is where we spent most of our time.

sitting in the lounge chair . . .

. . . holding hands 

relaxing on the hammock . . .

 while enjoying this view. . .

The beach, the jungle and its many many palm trees. Such a stunning view. Crashing waves, chirping birds, rustling trees . . . music to my ears. It's very comforting and oh so relaxing. We didn't even need an mp3 player, a telly or any gadgets to keep us entertain. Coco Beach is the place to be if you wanted to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

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