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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

camera shy flowerhorn

Hay, namiss ko na magblog. I missed multiply. Wala kasi masyado happening sa life and bad trip block na multiply sa office. Hay talaga. Anyway, this is not about Something Fishy restaurant in Eastwood City, ok. I just wanted to share this really nice story about the flowerhorns that PJ gave me a few months ago.

Well, last year PJ gave me 3 flowerhorns because nanganak yung flowerhorn nila at ang daming anak as in! Around 200+ I think so he was generous enough to gave some to us. Unfortunately those 3 fishes died for some unknown reasons. Eh madami nga yung anak nung flowerhorn so he gave me 2 more *giddy*. This time I made sure na alagan silang mabuti para di na mamatay. Actually, my entire family was taking care of the fish.

sperm cells?!?
...sperm cell-like fingerlings..

1st week of June, my brother saw something strange inside their aquarium. There were tiny specks of white floating like dusts or something. He thought it was just the shit of the flowerhorns and the janitor fish. Kaya lang may times na sobrang dami na ng floating white objects inside the aquarium so he tried to observed it even more. And then it dawned on him na fingerlings yung mga lumulutang-lutang. Grabe as in soooobrang liit nila. They're like microscopic sperm cells!!! Bwahahaha! You can't even describe na they're actually fish swimming and not floating hehe. We were so happy kasi for the longest time na nag-alaga kami ng mga isda ngayon lang kami nakapagbreed.

flowerhorn close upcan you see my reflection?more sperm cells..este fingerlings :-)
Kaya ngayon ang problem eh kung paano lilinisin ang tubig sa aquarium. Imagine sobrang liit ng mga fingerlings. Baka hindi namin mamalayan kasama na sila sa tubig na itatapon. Nyak! I guess we'll have to wait until lumaki sila ng konti para matransfer sa ibang aquarium. So kung sino man may gustong umampon sa kanila inform nyo me ha? *wink*

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