Isla Boracay - Part I

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sorry for taking so long to post this as I am still in the process of composing my thoughts on how I will document my trip. Anyway, I totally enjoyed my vacation. Boracay is definitely the place to be for people who loves the beach. I mean even if you're not a beach lover, you will sure to fall in love with its beauty. Much have been said about Boracay and my words wont do justice to describe its beauty.

Boracay is a just a small island yet very gorgeous. It's so small that you can actually explore the entire island for the whole day. The island has a lot to offer for everyone in all walks of life. Whatever your trip is, you'll sure to find it there. As for me and my travel buddy Josh, we tried everything and anything we can as long as our budget allowed. We enjoyed walking from Station 3 to 1 (and back via trike haha!), sight-seeing, island hoping, snorkeling, trekking, spelunking, food tripping, partying, people watching, and of course dozing off in our pretty cottage in Villa de Oro.

A lot of first time for me in this trip. First time to ride a flying plane (though I've been on a plane before but it wasn't moving nor flying at all), first time to finally get out of Luzon and set foot in Borocay. YAY! I was so happy and excited. For months we have been hunting for cheaper airfare until we got our chance with Asian Spirit now ZestAir since the owner of Zest-O bought the company. For 2,800php we got a round-trip ticket.

Our first day started with bad luck. From our flight being delayed to Union Banks' network not working. Supposedly our flight was scheduled at 6:30am but ZestAir called me and said that it will be moved at 6:00am. I thought it was cool because it means we will be in Boracay 30 minutes earlier.

The day of our flight came, Josh and I meet up at NAIA Terminal 1. We were there at 4:00 am because the girl from Zest Air said we should checked in 2 hours before the flight. I had everything with me. All my things packed and I'm running out of cash. I went to an ATM to withdraw some cash and to my surprise an error message was flashing in front of me. How can this be? I called Josh and told him the ATM in the office wasn't working and I am literally cashless. I only had 400 pesos left in my wallet, good enough for a taxi fare and breakfast. Josh said it's okay since there were ATM near the airport. I tried 2 different ATM near the airport and kept getting the same error message. I was like “Oh no, this can't be happening!”. Now, now this can't be a hopeless case yet since there were ATM in Boracay too, as far as I know. The least I can expect is to get my money debited.


We had breakfast at Jollibee and waited for our flight. 6:00am came and no plane. The girl said our flight will be delayed for an hour. 7:00am came still no plane. Heck, it won't came till 8:45am! So disgusting. We should have been in Boracay at that hour. Sigh! What can we do but to wait and wait till boarding time. As it turned out, we boarded the plane at 9:30am. That's about 5 hours of waiting!!! We were so sleepy and tired of all that waiting not to mention restless and miserable. Thank you ZestAir for that really lousy service!!! For a cheap fare what more can you expect.

boarding passes...

terminal 1 at four o'clock in the morning...

As if that was the worse part. You should have seen their aircraft. It was horrible! My first ever plane ride on the most hideous and scary looking aircraft. Josh was actually trying to scare me more by saying nasty stuffs about the plane. He was like “Hey, look at those propellers, they might come off anytime now. Be afraid Anna, be really afraid!”

We didn't dare to take pictures inside the plane because it's so awful. And if you will compare all the planes going to Caticlan, ZestAir was the most ugly looking. I'm so sorry but I think its about time ZestAir do something about their planes. I mean, why just change the name? Why not change their airplanes.?

Okay, so that's about the sad part of the trip. I'll try to post the happy part next time.

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