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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Okay, I missed blogging and there's so many things I wanted to share. Let me start with this...

A few weeks ago some director have been visiting our home taking pictures and trying to negotiate with my mother about a movie they're making and they wanted our unit to be part of it. We were like okay, so when it's gonna happen?

It was Wednesday, my day off when all of a sudden I heard this banging noise in front of our unit waking me up from my beauty sleep. And I was like what the heck is going on? I was force to get out of my bed and went to our living room only to find out workers of ABS-CBN making a holocaust. All our stuffs scattered everywhere. As it appeared my mother was instructed to have every single furniture in our living room removed. And they mean everything. Well, my mother basically can't do that her self so she was there to show the guys where to put where. They even installed props door and windows as replacement for our own. By the way, for those who didn't know me I happen to live in a building called Tenement and this movie is taking place in that building inside our unit and they were actually taking the name of the building for the movie. How great is that? Anyway, here's what it looked like after the catastrophe...

...grafitti all throughout the stairways just to make it looked like the building is abandoned

some more of vandalism here and there...

...front of our unit. If a relative of ours happens to revisit us and wonder "am i lost or what?". Just look at the newly installed door and grill-less windows. You'll prolly say "Anna doesn't live here" LOL!

And there's more. They changed our unit number from 302 to 308. I can here them say now "Surely we got the wrong house" ^_^...

...a neighbor peeking to see what had happened to our place. Our living room looked completely different without furnitures. And hey they added some curtains.

In the room next to ours, here is what they did. A dress shop with a scary looking mannequin...

...the friendly staffs of ABS-CBN

the camera man preparing his precious tool...

Shooting will not be complete without the stars. By the way, did I mention who are included in the cast? Here's the list according to my sister-in-law.

  • Maricel Soriano

  • Eric Fructuoso

  • Derek Ramsey

  • Tetchie Agbayani

  • Camille Prats

  • Kaye Brosas

  • Mica - the little sister of Angelica Dela Cruz

I'm sorry but I'm not really sure if I got them all right but these were the names according to my sister-in-law who's always in the knows of the progress of the movie. She (and my mother) were kinda chum with the coordinator, the director Chito Ronio and his assistant directors and staffs of ABS-CBN so she's always updated. Most of the time I'm in the office when they're filming so I didn't get the chance to meet all the stars. I was able to take pictures though of Camille and Mica together with my mother. And as for the diamond star, whenever I ask to take picture of her and Eric she always seemed not in the mood. Now, really I'm not a fan of her but Eric is so good looking and I definitely want a picture with him. The problem is they were always together and her PA was always blocking me whenever I try to snap a pic of Eric, the hunk. Derek, they said is a heart throb but I did't get a chance to meet him or even just a glimpse of him because his filming days always doesn't fall on my day off. BOOOO!!!!

This is Mica, smiling sweetly at my camera. While waiting for her turn she hangs out with us inside our room. She talks like an adult and ask a lot of questions. She is so adorable...

...together with my mother

Camille taking a break...she's so pretty in person and nice enough to have her picture taken mother just loves to have her picture taken with celebs :-)

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