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Saturday, December 6, 2008

This is what I'm gonna wear for Rey and Anjee's wedding on the 27th of December in Ilocos. Actually this is just the planned design since their motiff is green and gold. I was thinking of having the entire dress in green and the lace in gold. Then for the skirt I opted for an A-cut so I won't look tiny. Anjee scouted for a bridal shop in Divisoria to get a better deal however this wasn't likely because our gowns turned out to be a nightmarish! Huhu! All of our gowns except for Anjee's wedding gown. Thank goodness!!!! They murdered my dress. Alright, the skirt was okay. It fitted me well. But the top, oh no the top!!! They made my top using gold linings and that awful awful white lace with white patches of flowers or leaves (or whatever) and added some beads. For some reason they can't find gold or yellow lace for my gown so they used this cheap white lace which made the gown oh so dead in color. Yeah, the gold lining wasn't that bad. It may or (may not) look good if they used green laces instead. I wonder how they come up with this as I instructed clearly what I wanted.

My disappointment leads me to Carolina's to check if those gold laces are really hard to find. To my surpise they are not hard to find at all. They're just...expensive! But really, I wanted the gown the way I visualized it on my head. I could have ask my mother to make the gown for me but I didn't. Sigh. If I remember correctly, I agreed to have my gown tailored by them knowing they're a bridal shop and they suppose to know where to get the right materials for gowns. Turns out I'm way way too wrong about this.

Apparently I'm in the same boat with Vanjee but hers was more horrendous. Vanjee told me her mother was laughing her ass off upon seeing her in the gown. She literally said she's like a drum. Ouch!!! I felt bad for her so my advise was to get another gown or better copy my gown but this time we're gonna make sure that my planned design will be followed. We learned our lesson so we will never go back to that bridal shop. If I can't get the gown that I wanted at least I would be able to see it with Vanjee :-)

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