Birthday Bash at Buzz Point

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday to me! Officially I'm 26 years old. A year older and hopefully a year wiser. I decided to have a party at Daddy Fred's place for some booze and videoke!!! Nicey, nicey!!!

It's my first time to visit Buzz Point and what can I say, it's really great not to mention I didn't end up with a hole in my pocket. In other words pasok sa banga ang budget haha! And the best part of all is we all had a blast. Though di kumpleto ang BBSC Team we still had so much fun that I almost forgot to take some pictures hehe! Everyone's game to sing. Little did I know that my team mates are all so talented! Really, I'm amaze *big smile*. We all went home past 3am. Poor Jule and Josh who have shifts early in the morning.

Please pardon the pics for the lighting in Buzz Point wasn't that good and using flash will just ruin them.

...sizzling tofu and mushroom

pinaputok na tilapya...luv ko to pramis!

...spicy green shells

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the ever-talented singers of BBSC (plus Mommy Elean)...

Oops, Jule and Heño were missing. Sorry time ulet :-p

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