A Not So Good Dinner

Monday, September 28, 2009

In the mood for Italian, we headed to Eastwood City to try the newly opened Sbarro. We're gonna have take outs from Sbarro because Tapioca is so used to eating at home while watching some movies or TV series. He's more comfortable that way and I think I'm getting use to it.

We dropped by first at Jack's Loft for some desserts. I missed their choco moist cake so I ordered a slice of it and Tapioca had the choco mousse cake to go.

...choco moist cake

Uh-oh, this is not the same choco moist cake that I had before. Just by looking at the pic, some parts were moist and some were not. Worse of all it tasted stale like it's been sitting in the cake shelf for ages. Sadness.

chocolate moussee cheesecake...

Yet, another stale tasting cake. We hardly finished all the cakes. Talk about disappointment and waste of money. I think Jack Loft's better check the quality of the cakes they serve or it will ruin their reputation. If we had this at their restaurant I would probably have them replace or get a refund.

Moving on to our Sbarro take outs...

...stuffed pizza

Tapioca had this one. I tried it but nothing special. In fact, I can't remember how it tasted like let alone the exact name of the pizza.

chicken macaroni salad...

The pasta was cooked right and the light coating of mayo was perfect. Pineapple complimented the dish as well so its not nakakaumay.

...lasagna with meat sauce

A little trivia here. Tapioca prefers red sauces for his pasta while Jellybean prefers white sauces. Obviously this is Tapioca's choice. Whenever I'm at Sbarro I always order the baked ziti with white sauce. Tapioca has been raving about Sbarro's lasagna and he wanted me to try it. Alright, so that's what I did. And I thought it was a big flop. Surprisingly Tapioca agreed. He can't accept the fact that it's not the same lasagna he always had at Sbarro. Same goes with the pizza therefore concluding Sbarro's branch in Eastwood the place to be avoided.

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