Sinigang na Baboy

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's cooking time. Tapioca showed me how to make his own version of sinigang, one of my favorite comfort foods of all time. Doesn't really matter if its pork, beef, fish or shrimp. I love them all.

For this post, we used pork. Jellybean helped him out in her own little ways on preparing the ingredients. Tapioca chopped the garlic cloves, onions and lots of tomatoes and Jellybean was in charge of the veggies. We had kangkong and sitaw (string beans).

Once all the ingredients were ready, Tapioca started heating up a big pot with a little bit of oil. Then he sauteed the garlic, onions . . .

. . . and tomatoes.

Once everything turned soft, he added the meat and continued cooking it until the meat sweats.

Then he added the water and the sinigang mix. We used two packs of these instant sinigang mix to make the soup really sour.

We let the water boiled until the meat becomes tender. Then add the veggies and cook it for few more minutes until the veggies are cooked.


Tapioca's Sinigang na Baboy

Once again, a meal is never complete without a sweet ending called dessert.

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