Love At First Bite.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I just feel so low today not even Tapioca can cheer me up. While grocery shopping at Shopwise for our dinner, we passed by the ice cream section and Tapioca suggested buying some ice cream. Perhaps this would help, he said. I though, yeah perhaps the ice cream would help. But deep down inside I don’t want just any ice cream. I wanted something I haven’t tried before. Then in front of me a Häagen Dazs ice cream, a new flavor I haven’t tried before, is lulling me to buy it. I swear I can hear it chanting in my head; “buy me, buy me, buy me”. And there was Tapioca, saying “Jellybean are you sure you wanted to get this? Its almost 500 pesos for such a small size. You can buy a gallon and a half ice cream for that amount”. Then he started pulling out ice creams of different flavors that I already tried before. The chanting goes on until I can’t take it anymore.

We rushed to the counter with the 400+ pesos ice cream in my hand hoping to get home soon before it started to melt. My paycheck won’t arrive till next week. Thank God for inventing the credit card. On our way home I can hear Tapioca saying “that ice cream should better tastes really good or else…”

We got home soon enough. Judgment time. I hurriedly get a spoon and open the lid. Amazingly, the ice cream did not melt. I think we got home in ten minutes or less. Then, there I was making my first bite. Then another. And another one. Ahhh-Mmmm. The label on the ice cream did not lie. It was total rapture. Caramel so subtle with a hint of apple sauce. Luscious creaminess. I will never look at haagen dazs the way at look any ice cream before. This is the one for me and no turning back. See for your self. It’s worth the 400+ pesos. Totally

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